{PDF / Epub} Shattered Air: A True Account of Catastrophe and Courage on Yosemite's Half Dome (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Bob Madgic, Adrian Esteban, Anthony Heald, Blackstone Audio, Inc.: Audible AudiobooksAuthor Bob Madgic – Carcier.co

On the evening of July five hikers made a fateful choice to climb Yosemite s fabled Half Dome, even as the sky darkened and thunder rolled By night s end, two would be dead from a lightning strike, three gravely wounded, and desperate EMTs would be overseeing a harrowing midnight helicopter rescue Shattered Air is a haunting account of recklessness, tragedy, courage, and rescue, a book whose depiction of nature s power is tempered by unforgettable portraits of human courage and the will to survive

11 thoughts on “Shattered Air: A True Account of Catastrophe and Courage on Yosemite's Half Dome (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Bob Madgic, Adrian Esteban, Anthony Heald, Blackstone Audio, Inc.: Audible Audiobooks

  1. G1980 G1980 says:

    Harrowing tale of how a mountain climb goes horiffically wrong with poor planning and male bravardo It changes a lot of people s lives and not for the better either based on some of the decisions made

  2. DuncanM DuncanM says:

    I bought this 2 years ago whilst on holiday in California, at that time it wasn t available in the UK so I had to get it delivered to a hotel I was staying at I m very glad I did as it is a fantastic book I won t give a thorough review, they are available on the .com website for the same book so go there if you want one All I will say is that I m surprised it hasn t been made into a film yet, it has the scenery and plot for a perfect Hollywood blockbuster even so because it s based on real events I d recommend this book to anyone visiting Yosemite National Park, even if you don t intend to hike upto the top of Half Dome.

  3. Kindle-Kunde Kindle-Kunde says:

    This book is full of information that I found interesting The content of the book, however, is mainly not what you might expect it to be from its title Definitely a lot of research went into it, but neither did the author want to let a piece of it go to waste, nor was he willing to rephrase a catchy title in order to be truer to the work.

  4. T. Buck T. Buck says:

    It has been 10 years since I read the book We used to live in that area, so I was very familiar with Half Dome the storms that hit Yosemite.I wasn t aware of the cave like enclosure where the lightning struck.I appreciated the intensity of the emotions that made the story so memorable I have loaned out my original copy of the book and bought 2 others and loaned them to others wanting to visit Yosemite.T.Buck

  5. J. Wagner J. Wagner says:

    This is a really great true story about a band of buddies who hiked to the top of Half Dome in Yosemite during a fierce lightening storm and got zapped Their goal was to ignore the warning signs and dance in the storm Finally they took refuge in a rock cave that overhangs the valley below to marvel at the display What they didn t know or chose to ignore was 1 Half Dome is one of nature s greatest natural lightening rods 2 What they took refuge in was essentially a smaller natural lightening rod on top of the big one and 3 The remnant of a man made lightening rod was right in their midst They were perhaps the only humans to observe first hand that lightening does indeed strike twice in exactly the same place with devastating consequences yes, death and injury resulted along with great heroism on the part of rescuers but you need to read the book to get the details Highly recommended although the author takes frequent and too long side trips to discuss technical climbing, types of clouds, etc when he could have focused on this truly gripping tragedy A must read if you ever plan on visiting Yosemite National Park in the Summer Advice in July August, be very careful hiking in the high country after 2 pm I and some other hikers got caught in a sudden unexpected lightening storm in Aug 2006 and it s unbelievably scary and I observed all the warnings Bob Madgic also has a cool book on fishing for native trout in California s Tuloumne river titled Persuing Wild Trout.

  6. Cajon cook Cajon cook says:

    Humans don t know what they are capable of until an emergency happens This was a story of bravery and survival and people taking action to assist people they don t know I enjoyed the book

  7. Bookbam Bookbam says:

    This book is not particularly well written It is, however, worth reading What is amazing about this book is the information shared in it regarding lightning particularly when one is hiking in a mountainous area, and particularly when one is climbing granite Most of the book is absorbing because of its focus on what happens and can happen to people caught out in a storm I have hiked in Yosemite and my daughter has hiked to the top of Half Dome, and we would never again assume we would be safe in a thunderstorm in the mountains after reading this book.

  8. L. Meyer L. Meyer says:

    At first I didn t want to get this because I though, Who d want to read about people who were so stupid to get caught on Half Dome during a lightning storm After all, that s what I thought when I heard this story in the news Was I wrong Yes, they were stupid, as they went up when a storm as obviously on its way, but what an entertaining story The tale of how others came to the rescue and the reactions of the observers makes for an interesting tale I listened to the audio book and could not stop Was just mesmerized by this Learned a lot about lightning that I didn t know before Good read.

  9. Fred Fred says:

    This book was pretty good I liked it because I grew up in this central California area and could relate to some of the backgrounds of the characters It did get a little boring near the end, Kinda dragged on If you are a half dome hiker, you may want to pick this up to relive some of the common experiences I camped on Half dome shortly after this happened Now you are not allowed to camp up there There use to be a few small trees up there too, but rude campers cut them down for firewood.

  10. Richard Becka Richard Becka says:

    This is a great book with a number of lessons that everyone that reads it can learn from I have been to the top of Half Dome several times and each time I completed the hike, I learn about myself and others that I hike with On a recent hike in September 2010, I would like to have had my hiking partners read the book prior to the hike The book does a good job of accurately depicting the various personalities of the hikers and the rescuers One can relate how the personalities involved can be a primary cause of a catastrophic accident that leads to death on one hand and likewise how other personalities can lead to a successful rescue of humans that have gotten themselves in trouble The book is much than just about the death of hikers Shattered Air ties it all together and brings out the courageous actions of those involved in helping to overcome the results of poor decisions Even if you never have a chance to hike to the top of this majestic mountain, you can learn and apply these lessons to many situations in life I highly recommend the book Very few books have I read twice but this in one that I did Before and after the hike.

  11. Ian Pitts Ian Pitts says:

    This was a real page turner I learned about it after watching the documentary Hidden Yosemite on Netflix Instant I was a bit apprehensive about purchasing a Kindle book that was nearly 10 but once I started reading I felt better about the decision.The book covers all aspects of the hikers, the rescuers and is quite in depth and technical I now have a renewed respect for the sheer power of lightning.Oddly enough, I now want to hike Half Dome.