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On the Road to Success with the Mastermind Behind Eight Tour de France Victories Johan Bruyneel knows what it takes to win In , this calculating Belgian and former professional cyclist looked Lance Armstrong in the eye and said, Look, if were going to ride the Tour, we might as well win In that powerful phrase, a dynasty was born We Might As Well Win takes listeners behind the scenes and inside the team car, as Bruyneel reveals the planning, training, strategy, and tactics that led to a record seven Tour de France victories with Armstrong and an eighth with Alberto Contador Through thrilling stories of his own racing career and those of the cyclists he has guided during his extraordinary career, Bruyneel reveals the keys to victory both in cycling and in life

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  1. it is about the bike it is about the bike says:

    I read this book incredibly quickly It is well written and interesting and takes a whole new tack on the lance armstrong years I enjoyed the team car manager s eye view of the discovery team and Bruyneel s recollection of the minute strategies and adaptability that let discovery dominate the tour de france The book is well balanced, insightful and offers glimpses into areas of professional cycling not really covered elsewhere Basic functional explanations make this book accessible to non cycling obsessives without slowing down avid supporters.

  2. Mr. Andrew Buckley Mr. Andrew Buckley says:

    I was thinking that the new title for this book should be We Might As Well Cheat Also the book should be moved either into the fiction catagory or the true crime catagory

  3. Julia Flyte Julia Flyte says:

    This is a fascinating behind the scenes look at what it takes to coach a winning Tour de France team You can t argue with the author s credentials Johan Bruyneel was a professional cyclist who competed in the Tour de France himself before becoming the team director behind Lance Armstrong s seven wins and subsequently for Alberto Contadour in 2007.In this book Bruyneel describes the strategies behind a winning team and he makes it clear that it s very much a team effort to win the Tour de France He talks about how a team can control the race, when they should let breakaways go and when they need to chase them down, how they can play the mind game with other teams, the different skillsets that individual riders within a winning team need to have and countless insights into the world of cycling I was reading this book during the 2008 Tour and it made me appreciate far the way that team CSC were approaching the race and why they did some of the things that they did Very, very interesting.I didn t like the way that the book jumps about in time as required to provide support to the points that Bruyneel is making For example, Chapter 6 talks about the 2001 tour, Chapter 7 talks about the 1999 tour and Chapter 11 talks about the tour in 2000 While Bruyneel makes it clear at the outset that he hasn t set out to write an autobiography, the book would have been enhanced and easier to follow if he d kept things in chronological order.Bruyneel talks several times about the use of performance enhancing drugs and how they have affected the sport He is adamant that Armstrong never took them, although I found it interesting that he talks at one point about how he deliberately had Armstrong lose a stage that he could have won, in part because if we won again, so quickly, I could foreseeaccusations of doping.He also describes the immense amount of time and money that goes into finetuning the bikes and equipment money is no object if it converts into a few precious seconds saved on the race.This is an easy and very worthwhile read for anyone who s interested in the Tour de France.

  4. howtoclaimbackppi.co Customer howtoclaimbackppi.co Customer says:

    Wouldn t put it up there with the great sporting books of our timebut mildly interesting all the same , he doesn t have a bad word to say about anybody which is dissapointing ,so no true insights If you re a Lance fan then its for you but you probably now 80% of the stuff anyway.

  5. Mr. Ciaran Hampson Mr. Ciaran Hampson says:

    Worth a read but i have read better cycling books one would have hoped for a greater insight into one of the most successful cycling managers of all time but if that is what you are expecting you will be disappointed overall thought an enjoying read to pass the hours

  6. josep ibañez josep ibañez says:

    Estos libros no dejan de ser curiosos Si eres apasionado del ciclismo conoces detalles del dia a dia, pero un vez pasado el tiempo desde que se escribieron, y vista la verdad, te tienes que aguantar la risa y la rabia.Como nos enga aron.