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Deepak Chopra has discovered the delights, and frustrations, of golf, and he is passionate about the game Confronted by the wild ups and downs of his own play, he consulted with golf professionals and developed a new approach to the game that any golfer, from the novice to the expert, can follow The results can be measured not only in increased enjoyment and skill, but also in greater wisdom about life beyond the th hole Chopra s own game has improved dramatically since incorporating the elements of his program Instead of focusing on the mechanics of a perfect swing, Chopra reveals how golf can be mastered through mindfulness, a form of awareness that combines sharp focus and relaxation at the same time Expanded awareness, he tells us, can accomplish much than external mechanics to improve one s game But Golf for Enlightenment is also an engrossing story about Adam, an Everyman who is playing a terrible round of golf when he meets a mysterious young teaching pro named Leela In seven short but profound lessons detailing spiritual strategies, she teaches Adam the essence of a game that has much to explain about life itself Chopra has taken the unique message in Golf for Enlightenment nationwide, teaching the essential tenets of his program at lectures and seminars to golfers everywhere His message continues to help players turn an obsession into a positive life path

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  1. David David says:

    A light and enjoyable read but with some good tips thoughts.

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  4. C. Gregory C. Gregory says:

    Bought as a present for someone looks great I am sure she will enjoy the book when she has it.

  5. ja ja says:

    This book is a great read It is thougth provoking and interesting Youmust be open to the realisation that in order to play golf well and enjoythe game, then you must let go of tension and the need to win Soundstrange Well this book makes you think in different ways There are 7lessons, told from the perspective of an average golfer who meets a greatteacher, Leela She teaches him about golf,letting go and reconnectingwith his true self Between the lessons, Deepak Chopra writes about hisexperiences and insights If you liked The Inner Game series by T.Gallwey,you will know where this book is coming from Made great sense to me andin future, I am going to let the game play me

  6. Craig Walsh Craig Walsh says:

    Absolute rubbish, feels like it is being made up as it goes along do not buy

  7. Jens Jensen Jens Jensen says:

    This is the best book I ve ever read on golf I started with the Audible version, listening to it when I traveled However, I knew I wanted to review and refer back to much of what Deepak Chopra had to say, so I purchased the hardcover as well The narrative switches between a kind of magical realistic story and Dr Chopra s observations on one s possible inner approach to the game of golf As a relative newcomer to the game, I had been surprised to learn how much golf depends on the player s state of mind This book gets right into the mental and inner attitude that can make one s game successful Of course, it is than implied that this approach extends far beyond the fairway to all of life Anyone who takes golf seriously will gain much from this book The practice of these lessons on the course brings benefits off the course, as well.Years ago, long before I played any golf, I read Michael Murphy s Golf in the Kingdom That book takes a similar approach, but is philosophical and autobiographical and, ultimately, less practical for the actual game of golf Golf for Enlightenment can improve anyone s game.

  8. R. Jane Fraser R. Jane Fraser says:

    This is a terrific book I love that each chapter has 3 approaches tells the parable, how it applies to golf and how it applies to life It s a book that every athlete should read Heck, it s a book that everyone should read.

  9. Jaime Toledo Jaime Toledo says:

    Als ich 7 Jahre alt oder Jung war , wurde mir das Golfspielen beigebracht , wir d rften aber keine Notiz nehmen oder Zettel ausf llen , die Regel war , es ist spielen, du solltest dabei Spa haben nicht leiden Bitte lesen Sie es.

  10. Amit Prakash Amit Prakash says:

    Dear All, This book is not recommended As the author does not seem to be a regular Golf player and mixes two subjects that do not blend.