Read pdf Murder in the Rough: Original Tales of Bad Shots, Terrible Lies, and Other Deadly Handicaps from Today's Great Writers (Audio Download): Otto Penzler (editor), Jeffrey Cummings, Lawrence Block, Simon Brett, H R F Keating, Ian Rankin, Brilliance Audio: Audible AudiobooksAuthor Otto Penzler (editor) –

I m not a big fan of short stories, but there were some good stories in here Worth the read If your a golf nut. If you re looking for a great short story, this is it Stephen Collins Water Hazard has exemplary prose and stimulating suspense An unsuspected ending creates shocking imagery with moralistic value A must read for everyone. Excellent selection of murder mysteries Two of my favorite murder mysteries authors Steve Hamilton John Sanford have selection in the book, and I have also found interesting authors to peruse again What an extremely different approach each author used to relate a murder. Nice relaxing read like short stories, you can put them down a lot This batch was a good selection, and I liked nearly all of them. This the fourth title in a sports mystery series edited by Otto Penzler Lawrence Block, Simon Brett, HRF Keating, Ian Rankin and many others deliver up an ace anthology of original short stories that mix murder and mystery on the fairway This collection is sure to appeal to sports fans and those eager to read stories by the most celebrated authors in the mystery genre Wonderful evening recreational reading Golf is rich in literature and this adds to the fold