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It is not too often one can read or listen to a , year old book and know that it still has relevance and importance today The Art of War has long been considered not only a military classic, but a classic book in general Sun Tzu s treatise on various aspects and components of wartime strategy is highly recommended for insight into the Eastern mindset and military planning It also can apply to business, legal, and educational situations as well

8 thoughts on “The Art of War (Audio Download): Sun Tzu, David Heath, Mission Audio: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Customer Customer says:

    I have only atrted reading but please be aware that this is not the full version but a condensed version Someone s posted a picture of what appears to be the full text but that s not what I received More like a booklet which the seller should make clearer and for that I m giving this a 1 Not for the content but for the booklet I received.

  2. Andy Ashburn Andy Ashburn says:

    To quote SUN TZU he who harkens to my council shall know victory Wise words from a true genius and although the book was written centuries ago and meant as an aid to military tactics it can surprisingly has great baring and influence on day to day life if you have an open mind and don t just read a book and see the printed word Sun Tzu explains every point without giving a definitive or direct answer and by doing so shows the true path that you can take with day to day life and it can if clearly thought out make any troubles you may have easier to understand and resolve as it shows you new options that might not of been clear to you at first It s not a big book and when you first see it you might feel slightly cheated but let me assure you the book is then worth it s weight in gold and the knowledge inside is powerful, iv read this book over and the pages still even after so many turns show me new insight and for want of a better word hope Forget those self help power books that go on and on this is a must read and mine goes everywhere with me.

  3. Halush Halush says:

    This is actually a poorly produced pamphlet, some twenty odd pages unfortunately the advertisement does not state this fact

  4. Aparna Belapurkar Aparna Belapurkar says:

    Very difficult read due to references to many other versions throughout the introduction Text does not flow well as a result A number of spelling errors so poorly edited.

  5. Blew1 Blew1 says:

    I actually became aware of this book thanks to The Sopranos Tony regularly quotes from it in the program , not actually as advice on how to be a murderous mob bossbut how to win, and live a strong life Although this book was intended as its title suggest, to aid with warfare, it is all completely relevant to everyday life There are life lessons you can relate to any life, particularly the work environment, a stressful job or any other difficult situation It s also worth noting, that you can interpret this book in many waysbut use common sense Don t decide to wage war on an irritating neighbor or bully someone at work, use to help you win, not make others lose Ancient wisdom for all

  6. Raluca Bramming-Hansen Raluca Bramming-Hansen says:

    The Art of War the book itself needs no further presentation by now as a beautiful example of the art of printing Very happy with the hardcover, pocket size edition, by Arcturus Publishing Limited.

  7. B.R. B.R. says:

    From the outside the book looks fantastic, but open the cover and you re greeted with a low res image of some eastern art blown up way too big and in my case a book falling out of its binding, AT THE FRONT AND THE BACK I will admit again that from the outside, the cover and gilded paper looks good, but it is just a let down to have it become instantly tacky inside.If I were buying it again I d choose a less flashy edition, with better reviews.

  8. Jenna LF Jenna LF says:

    This was a gift for someone it s like a booklet or brochure than an actual book and has staples holding bit together if you are after the book this is not for you it s a short itemised list.