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Second place is the first loser according to Sarah Matell, a heroine who wants nothing than to wrench on cars and race with the guys As a talented technician in her father s automotive speed shop, she s a whiz at tuning race engines Winning races also comes easily to her What isn t easy is winning Craig Keller, local drag race hero He only has eyes for gorgeous women who are hot in the sack, not grubby tomboys who are fast on the track Sarah s world gets an overhaul when her father hires Gordon Devine The buttoned up businessman yanks control of the shop from Sarah, a girl he considers spoiled and irresponsible The poised professional s stubbornness matches Sarah s own, but surprisingly, so does his skill under the hood of a racecar Soon she s torn not only between two men she wants, but between the drag race winner she is and the commonplace woman she feels pressured to become

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  1. Bill Ellingsen Bill Ellingsen says:

    Sarah Mattel, head technician for her father s company, Big Red s Auto Performance Shop, is taken aback when Red hires a guy named Gordon to manage the business Many shops such as Red s have come and gone since he opened his doors, and he wants his business taken to the next level to insure building on his success But Sarah views Gordon as a threat to her authority and her influence on her father Sarah knows her stuff in the workshop, at the dragstrip, and behind the wheel on the street She can go through the gears with the best of them, heel and toeing on downshifts like a pro on a road course What a woman Cars are her life, and she was supposed to take over when her father retires Now she s taking orders from a guy who looks like he should be at a law firm or a bank Making matters worse, it turns out that he knows his stuff about cars, even developed an improved roller lifter and sold the rights to it for big bucks Sarah s world is in serious jeopardy Her only sources of blowing off steam are driving at weekend drag races, talking to her dog, and visiting with her friend Craig But seeing Craig doesn t always make her feel better Not when he takes off with one of his many bimbos, that Sarah refers to as tracksluts See, Sarah has been pining after Craig for years, and he treats her like his little sister Things change, however, when she s strangely attracted to the man she wants out of her life Gordon This engaging story is one that I had a hard time putting down I m docking it half a star for technical issues, though The transmission in Sarah s Mustang, her one and only car, suddenly morphs into an automatic at the drag strip The way she worked the brake pedal while launching, and later using a trans lock made it clear Heel and toe downshifts with an automatic I don t think so I also have issues with her description of the line lock brake system But the issues are small It s a lovely tale As for taking off half a star, I always round up That s why I ve given it five stars instead of four.

  2. Mammaluvs2read Mammaluvs2read says:

    As a mechanic s wife, let me start off by saying that I totally appreciated the car jargon That being said, I believe the author spent time on the wrench aspect than the characters.There wasn t any depth to them at all Was it a cute story Absolutely But something that was just good, could ve been great I felt the story was a bit rushed and the leading character was a little to be desired There were some funny parts that were told well enough to make me laugh out loud However, the sensual scene felt as though the writer was almost embarassed to describe what they were doing I was tempted to give it 2 stars but the mechanic s wife in me did like the shop talk..Wish I didn t feel the story ran outta gas

  3. Beverly Shelton Beverly Shelton says:

    This novel had little depth It somewhat held my interest with a single Plot and theme The ending was rather flat.