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Tesla Well, say the name and one would expect to be reading about Elon Musk s company It s a sad indictment of society when the name Tesla doesn t bring to mind the Leonardo Da Vinci of the 20th Century It should.I looked on eBay and couldn t find a book about him That s astonishing Here s this brilliant mind on legs who foresaw and developed basically modern day life, and nothing.Thankfully had this well written, easy to understand book about his life and work, though admittedly it s a hard feat to pull off as little exists about him personally.Although it doesn t have my favourite story about Tesla with the white pigeon he fell in love with, and few photos as few exist, Lomas writes about Tesla s often floral and poetic way of describing things, his isolation, his ineptitude at business, and the frankly crap way Edison treated him, he was an utter piece of turd anyway what he did with animals and plagiarising others inventions.Lomas makes quite complex science digestible, explaining how carbon light bulbs were made, how Tesla made lightening, the first a c current, how he saw a future of wireless electricity, and his traumas growing up with a family who really didn t see his worth.One thing though, the book cover is a bit flimsy I had to curl the front cover over several times as it flapped up, which was a bit irritating.I d deffo recommend this if like me you are a fan of Tesla, and would like to read about what he invented, a bit about his personality and the inventions he made and predicted. This book is extremely well written and takes you through the ups and downs of Tesla s life.Even if you don t understand the technical things the author makes the story so interesting that you cannot put it down and will satisfy the non techies as well.If your are a electrician or a student of electrics you will find it even interesting.You will be surprised at inventions that were credited to other famous engineers that were in fact Tesla s invention.A very good book. The Man Who Invented The Twentieth Century Argues, Legitimately, That Nikola Tesla Was The Most Important Of The Inventors Who Made Modern Life Possible, Simply Because His Insistence On Making Alternating Current The Standard Made Electrical Equipment So Much Versatile Than Would Have Been The Case Had Edison Won Sparking And Crackling Round His Darkened Laboratory, Making Lamps Glow From His Pointing Finger, Tesla Must Have Presented An Awesome Spectacle, Must Have Looked Like A Modern God Of Lightning The Effects Of Edison S Claim About The Deadly Risks Of AC Electricity Were Being Disproved In A Most Spectacular Fashion The Tragedy Was That Tesla Was So Self Destructively Naive In His Dealings With Other Scientists, With Money Men And With The State Typically, He Had His Money Stolen On The Way To The US, But Managed To Get Aboard His Liner By Explaining What Had Happened And Proving His Identity Then Nearly Starved Because He Had No Money For Food And Was Too Proud To Ask For Help Lomas Is Excellent On This Self Destructive Streak Tesla Constantly Alienated The Powerful While Putting Himself In Their Power And Talked As If The Nobel Prize, Unlikely Ever To Be Given To A Mere Engineer, Was In His Grasp Lomas Takes Us Through The Technicalities Of The Famous Inventions And Makes What Case Can Be Made For The Crankier Things The Electric Laxative, Broadcast Power And Various Death Rays Ironically Tesla S Disdain For Theory Meant He Never Read The Einstein Paper On Which Lasers Would Eventually Be Based Roz Kaveneyscientific Popularisation At Its Most Readable The Times Robert Lomas Is To Be Congratulated On An Easy To Read Life Of Atortured Genius Although Dealing At Times With Difficult Technicalconcepts It Never Succumbs To Jargon And Remains Intelligible To Theinformed Lay Person Throughout Times Higher Educational Supplement