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Whenyear old crane driver and former comedy stunt diver Maurice Flitcroft chanced his way into the Open having never before played a round of golf in his life he ran up a record worst score ofThe sport s ruling classes went nuclear and banned him Maurice didn t take it lying down In a hilarious game of cat and mouse with The Man, he entered tournaments again and again, and again using increasingly ludicrous pseudonyms such as Gene Pacecki, Arnold Palmtree and Count Manfred von HoffmanstelIn doing so, he sent the authorities into apoplexy, and won the hearts of hackers from Muirfield to Michigan, becoming arguably the most popular but certainly the bravest sporting underdog the world has ever known

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  1. markr markr says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book, reading it from start to finish over a rainy weekend Sometimes I laughed out loud.The author tells the amazing story of Maurice Flitcroft, a man who never let his lack of ability get in the way of his dreams.Flitcroft made it his life s ambition to play in the Open and convinced himself he had the talent, if only he could practice The golf authorities, school paying field supervisors and members of the public clearly didn t see it that way and Maurice was chased away, sometimes literally, on several occasions.Maurice made numerous attempts to enter the Open, often using remarkable pseudonyms Arnold Palmtree anyone after he was banned for holding up play in an Open Qualifying round on the way to a score of 121.The authors have made great use of the recollections of family members, sports journalists and even the Royal and Ancient Golf Club to create an often hilarious, sometimes sad, yet ultimately strangely uplifting, portrait of Flitcroft and his almost unquenchable desire to succeed as a professional golfer.Strongly recommended

  2. Mr. J. A. Betteridge Mr. J. A. Betteridge says:

    A must read for all golfers or anyone with a sense of humour Maurice G Flitcroft was one of lifes great characters,a highly intelligent man with a cheeky way of sticking it to The Man I have read this book at least five times.

  3. Torodd Fuglesteg Torodd Fuglesteg says:

    I was laughing so hard at work while reading this book that my grumpy boss ordered a copy for himself.An absolute hilarious read about one of the funniest men I have ever come across Involuntary funny, I have to say It is an facelift reading book My eyebrows are now in the back of my head.This is probably the funniest ever sports book written and an absolute gem of a book And you too will laugh yourself witless.

  4. Andy Gordon Andy Gordon says:

    Maurice Flitcroft a man who aimed for the stars and fell short with a duck hook to the left This is an excellent tale about hope triumphing over adversity which is written for golf fans, but is just as readable for non golfers The portrayal of Maurice is funny and sympathetic, drawing on an autobiography which never saw the light of day and from people who were involved in the story Simon Farnaby and Scott Murray develop the story in a joyous and humorous style which makes for an entertaining read This book is a welcome counterpoint to the biographies of the golfing greats, but also an affectionate depiction of someone who tried in an age where fail is used in a derisory way A definate buy for any sports fan or anyone who likes sticking it to the Man.

  5. smcardle smcardle says:

    This book is really well written and really does make you laugh out loud in parts Maurice Flitcroft what a brilliant character, and even if you don t play golf you will still appreciate reading this story of a working class eccentric who took on the establishment in the form of the monumentally pompous R A, golf s governing body For totally different reasons I would put this book right up there with The Greatest Game Ever Played by Mark Frost as among the best golf books I have ever read If you do nothing else this year read this book When you consider you can buy a copy for a few pence and have it delivered to your door how did we ever cope before came along

  6. A.Brian A.Brian says:

    This is the fourth copy of this book which I have purchased, the last three being gifts It is so funny and will be enjoyed by non golfers as well as golfers.

  7. Jules Jules says:

    Hilarious Why they have not made a film of the story, I don t know.

  8. Niblick Niblick says:

    A great book , well researched and a must for all who love the game.A tonic for those not playing well , sometimes makes you cringe , most times makes you laugh.

  9. Dodgieboy Dodgieboy says:

    Highlights the ability of the fish heads who run our game, ie letting belly and long putters into our game What a bunch of tossers Laughed until I cried, well done Maurice

  10. bill robinson bill robinson says:

    The tale of the golfing spirit that is within all of us.

  11. John Grice John Grice says:

    well written about a true character whom we had the pleasure of hosting at our country club in Michigan for an all around great time.

  12. CM CM says:

    Although it took quite some time to get this product I was delighted to receive it in one piece.It really is an excellent book and a MUST for all golfers out there.