{Reading} Hard Driving: The Wendell Scott StoryAuthor Brian Donovan – Carcier.co

Hard Driving is the dramatic story of one man s dogged determination to live the life he loved, and to compete, despite daunting obstacles, at the highest level of his sportWendell Scott figured he was signing up for trouble when he became NASCAR s version of Jackie Robinson in the segregated s Some speedways refused to let him race Go home, nigger, spectators yelled And after a bigoted promoter refused to pay him, Scott appealed directly to the sport s founder, NASCAR czar Bill France Sr France made a promise Scott would never forget, that NASCAR would never treat him with prejudiceFor the next two decades, Scott chased a dream whose fulfillment depended on France backing up that promise Persevering through crashes, health problems, and money troubles, Scott remained convinced he had the talent to become one of NASCAR s best Hard Driving documents a previously untold chapter in the history of integration, politics, and sports in America It reveals how France, founder of the multibillion dollar NASCAR empire, reneged on his pledge and allowed repeated discrimination against Scott by racing officials and other powerful figures It details France s alliances with leading segregationist politicians, such as George Wallace the reluctance of auto executives, such as Lee Iacocca, to sponsor a black driver and the inspiring support Scott received from white drivers, such as nascar champions Ned Jarrett and Richard Petty, who admired his skill and tenacity