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Popular EPub, Introduction To Quantum Mechanics 2nd Edition Author David J Griffiths This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Introduction To Quantum Mechanics 2nd Edition , Essay By David J Griffiths Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You

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  1. soviet1100 soviet1100 says:

    Griffiths QM text is usually the standard text in undergraduate QM courses But DO NOT BUY this edition Buy the US edition, with the picture of a cat on top The quality of this edition is appalling There is, in fact, a comment by the author himself expressing anger over Pearson butchering the contents of the book Here are some of the problems with this ridiculous edition 1 Several paragraphs from different chapters have been edited out.2 An important ENTIRE APPENDIX on linear algebra has been removed.3 An important ENTIRE CHAPTER chapter 12 Afterword on the EPR paradox, quantum zeno paradox etc has been removed.4 The table of contents has been utterly mangled, with all sub entries removed, so that the contents page is of no use whatsoever Instead of the important sub entries check the US edition on to see how many there are , Pearson lists the author s name instead, beneath every chapter I must also point out that the author s name itself is wrongly written on the contents page as David W Griffiths use the Look inside feature to see this.5 The index is comprised PURELY of nonsense entries.6 The page size is abnormally large, but the text occupies only a small fraction of the page approximately half the area and the overall effect is extremely ugly.7 The binding is also horrible The pages started coming loose within a month of purchase.Note that the points above are generally true for NEARLY ALL Pearson International Editions yes, other books in the series as well I understand publishers want to minimise the cost of production, but what Pearson has done with these books is borderline illegal I frankly don t understand how these mangled, defective defective is an understatement copies are still being sold, or why and how Pearson hasn t a suffered a serious backlash from both, customers and authors alike.

  2. Florian Schreck Florian Schreck says:

    I was not delivered the version shown, but an international edition by Dorling Kindersley India The typesetting of that edition is terrible Instead of cross products or any vertical bars very important for bras and kets there is just white space If you like to have a riddle to solve as a textbook, it s for you If not, stay away from this purchase.By the way, the book states This edition is manufactured in India and is authorized for sale only in India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and the Maledives Circulation of this edition outside of these territories is UNAUTHORIZED.

  3. Dr G Dr G says:

    I have Griffiths books on EM theory, particle physics and this one.All three are outstanding in terms of clarity of explanation A recommendation to any undergraduate UK 1st or 2nd year or even 3rd 4th year The straightforward approach that covers all of the major aspects of quantum mechanics but which does not skimp on the mathematics, the subject is built up over several chapters in a manner slightly different form other QM books I have I think Griffiths approach is to my liking by putting together the theoretical foundations of QM first and then showing applications such as the H atom much later.There are a few problems sprinkled throughout the book but no solutionsalthough I have come across a few forums on the web where you can often find discussions of problems from this book.Finally, this book was recommended reading when I was a studentI picked another book to buy and it turned out to be the wrong choice I guess we all learn in different ways so I can only recommend based on my experience, but I wish I had bought this one

  4. Michele Michele says:

    Well, Griffiths is really a good teacher so the content of the book is really good , but beware, some editions of this book are somehow anomalous and made with cheap materials.

  5. Robbie Robbie says:

    I can not recommend this book highly enough if you are a physics undergraduate, I much preferred the way Griffiths goes through explaining QM to that done by my lecturer.Not only is the order of context very beneficial to someone taking their first baby steps in QM, the way he goes through everything step by step in great detail ensuring that you fully understand just what is going on.Definitely saved my bacon for the exam.

  6. Customer Customer says:

    Great book Found it funny that under all the stickers with the BEST SELLER 2014 was not to sold outside of india.

  7. Customer Customer says:

    This Pearson International version of Griffith s book is not the best but unfortunately the cheapest and most available version However, it is a very good book, only not very practical with its thin pages and large margins.

  8. Dr. P. P. Cook Dr. P. P. Cook says:

    This is the standard that all other theoretical physics texts should measure themselves against It is excellent for the student studying QM for the first time and a joy to read even for the journeyman physicist Superb for lecturers planning a first course in QM and replete with excellent problems I cannot recommend this text thoroughly.