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Are you sitting comfortably Then Jeff will begin The universally loved, award winning host of Sky Sports Soccer Saturday and Channels Countdown, and author of the best selling Jelleyman s Thrown a Wobbly, returns with a Jackanory style, football flavoured narrative which gathers together the funniest, weirdest, most tragic, most heartwarming, under the radar stories of the football season The book is stuffed to the gunnels with behind the scenes revelations, opinions and personal anecdotes from Jeff, and has a strong leaning towards the absurdities of both the highest levels and the grassroots of the game From the Macclesfield goalkeeper booked for using a golf tee to take his goal kicks, to the unintelligible ranting and raving of South American dictator chairmen, let Jeff be your trusted guide through the madness of the football season, and let Jeffanory supply you with a veritable treasure trove of great anecdotes to take to the pub

9 thoughts on “Jeffanory: Stories from Beyond Soccer Saturday (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Jeff Stelling, Jeff Stelling, Headline Digital: Audible Audiobooks

  1. WorcesterBlue WorcesterBlue says:

    I used to enjoy watching Sky Sports Soccer Saturday and have always admired the quick witted, knowledgeable presenter Jeff Stelling This book is entertaining and easy to dip in and out so can easily be read at the same time as other books I found that suited me perfectly as I didn t want to read too much at any one time and it helped me keep the book flowing and enjoyable Surprisingly to me I didn t enjoy the read at first, but found I eventually got into the laddish humour often found on a Saturday afternoon with Jeff Stelling and co and it made a pleasant change from my frequent genre Mystery Thrillers.Maybe not the best book in the world or even the best by the author but nevertheless entertaining.

  2. Davegogs Davegogs says:

    Knew a lot of these stories before buying the book.Would rather have read about Jeff s Soccer Saturday ,stories, about gigs he has done,a personal book in fact.More insights on events that would never make the press.One thing that bothered me,was when Jeff was interviewing Wayne Rooney,Ferguson was giving Jeff grief,and told him to end the interview.Jeff had to contractually carry on,with Ferguson getting irate.Why didn t Jeff turn to Ferguson,and say something on the lines of, Fergie,I let you do your job,now please let me do mine It s an ok Shortish read,not as good as his first.

  3. Bainesy Bainesy says:

    A funny and alternative account of various football stories.Jeff mentions all levels of football.Recommended for all football fans.

  4. Mr. R. G. Richardson Mr. R. G. Richardson says:

    Nice read but nowhere as good a Jellyman Throws a Wobbly.

  5. Dragonfly Dragonfly says:

    Bought for my boyfriends birthday from his wish list.

  6. Elderly Rock God Elderly Rock God says:

    Expected better from Jeff He got too bogged down with the texting references, which became boring Was expecting of the humour from the TV programme, and also about his beloved Hartlepools

  7. Shoestring Shoestring says:

    A good read would recommend it.

  8. michael shaw michael shaw says:

    Enjoyable read well done jeff

  9. andy marshall andy marshall says:

    Jeff is a true legend