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Paul Lake was Manchester born, a City fan from birth His footballing talent was spotted at a young age and, in , he signed coveted schoolboy forms for City Only a short time later he was handed the team captaincy An international career soon beckoned and, after turning out for the England underand B teams, he received a call up to the England training camp for ItaliaDespite missing out on a place in the final squad, he suitably impressed the management, with Bobby Robson earmarking him as an England captain in the making As a rising star Paul became a target for top clubs like Manchester United, Arsenal, Spurs and Liverpool, but he always stayed loyal to his beloved club, deeming Maine Road the spiritual home at which his destiny lay But then, In September , disaster struck Paul ruptured his cruciate ligament and sustained the worst possible injury that a footballer can suffer And so began his nightmare Neglected, ignored and misunderstood by his club after a succession of failed operations, Paul s career began to fall apart Watching from the side lines as similarly injured players regained their fitness he spiralled into a prolonged bout of severe depression With an enforced retirement from the game he adored, the death of his father, and the collapse of his marriage, Paul was left a broken man Set against a turning point in English football, I m Not Really Here is the powerful story of love and loss and the cruel, irreparable damage of injury of determination, spirit and resilience, and of unfulfilled potential and broken dreams

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  1. Paul Paul says:

    Before I read this book, I must admit that I d never heard of Paul Lake Sorry Paul.I saw the reviews for this book on here and thought I d give this one a try as I love anything football related I was concerned that having not heard of Paul Lake, I d either not really get into it, or I d quickly lose interest I needn t have worried about that because, to use a cliche, I could not put this book down.The first half of the book follows Lakey s beginnings with high hopes and dreams of representing his beloved Manchester City and, one day, England, representing his country on the world stage at a World Cup His dream of playing at Maine Road for Manchester City becomes reality and is upbeat and joyful The second half of the book is a desperately sad story, so well written by Paul Lake that you genuinely have absolutely nothing but sympathy and immense sadness for such a talented footballer who had his dreams snatched from him at such an early stage of what should have been a long and successful career at the very top He talks of his struggles with injury and depression that follows and it keeps you gripped till the end.This isn t your run of the mill, former premier league footballer autobiography with the odd memory of such and such game, how many millions they ve made etc This is a guy who simply had a great love for the game and desperately wanted to play the game he loved unlike a lot of modern day footballers who play the game for the love of money.If you love the game and you enjoy reading autobiographies or anything football related, read this book I m a Liverpool fan, you don t have to be a fan of Manchester City to find this book a gripping read.

  2. Jammack Jammack says:

    This is a superbly written account of a player s struggles with a career defeating injury as well as his club, who he felt mismanaged his treatment You warm very soon to Paul Lake even after reading only a few pages I couldn t put this down It s a captivating story and despite knowing the outcome you are with him hoping that by the time you reach the end of the book a positive outcome might be possible It s a proper book and not just another footballer s tale Sadly Paul Lake is not alone in how his injury was mistreated with an outcome that was doomed to failure There are many other players of his era who had similar experiences Of course very few accounts come to light It s not something that the big clubs want the public to know about I doubt that anyone purchasing this book would be disappointed There are passages which make you want to laugh out loud even if you are reading in a public place and others which bring you close to tears It s a wonderful read, for anyone interested in football, irrespective of whether your remember Paul Lake as a player or not.

  3. Simon S. Simon S. says:

    I can remember the footballing summer of 1990 After half a decade of violence, isolation and tragic loss, a successful Italia 90 World Cup campaign had English football exuding, for the first time in years, a feeling of optimism Gazza s Tears and all that Even Manchester City fans had something to look forward to, the development of our of own Golden Generation, led by young club captain Paul Lake.Lakey has just missed out on Bobby Robson s England World Cup squad, but his development as a player and leader had seem him elevated to the captaincy I was living in Germany, but a summer trip home meant I could watch City in their first two games of that new season A 1 3 loss at Paul Gascoigne s Spurs flattered the home team, followed by a tense 1 0 home win against Everton the following week Lake had been excellent in both games, and it seemed certain he would be part of City s and England s future ThenThis book, co authored by Lake s wife Jo, charts his development as a footballer and a young man, and then, the pivotal moment in the third game of that 1990 season, when he injured his knee against Aston Villa At this point, a promising career starts to disintegrate, as Lake takes his first unsuspecting steps on the slippery slope towards loss of a career, and ultimately, of his physical and mental well being Older City fans will find echoes of Colin Bell s story in Lake s efforts to recover from serious injury compounded by indifferent rehabilitation efforts and support from the club, but the difference seems to me to be that players from the earlier eras of the game would not have been as honest with both their readers, and themselves, about the emotional cost and effect on their mental health The Lakes bravely take on the stigma of depression and crisis, and the story is the powerful for that.As fans, we yearn for the Happy Ending Lake s story to date has one, due to his hard work and the support of his family and the professionals looking after his physical and mental rehabilitation, and the seismic changes at the club that had employed and then discarded him The fans never forgot, and for them, Lakey s story should temper those feelings of loss when it was clear we d never see him on the pitch again This is the modern football autobiography.

  4. Dave Dave says:

    Excellent book Remember following his exploits for city as they happened Heart wrenching story I d rate this book as a must for any football fan Insightful and very honestly told.

  5. Russell Ward Russell Ward says:

    I purchased this book as a City fan who was familiar with Lakey from the Bluetuesday podcast As an American who s only been a fan of the club for 5 years I m always looking for ways to learn about the history of the club which isn t always easy here since the EPL has only been available on TV the last 5 years Just a crushing story of hope and promise dashed out by horrific injury after injury Ending what should have been a world class career and probable future England captain Gives me great hope reading his story and were he is now due to the parallels our lives through injury have had A must read not just for any City fan, football soccer fan but sports fan in general.

  6. Jammer13 Jammer13 says:

    Just when you think nothing else can happen to this guy, it does The book itself is full of insights into both the football world and the trials of an injured athlete, without perhaps revealing too much In the end you are full of admiration for what he s going through and how he adresses what life has thrown his way It s not a classic in the literary sense but for those who enjoy football literature, it s a must.

  7. _rued_boy _rued_boy says:

    Being born in 89 meant that my time as a City fan never blessed me with a chance to watch Paul Lake, other than highlights and old match tapes 5 1 over United at Maine Road for example However I knew enough about him to scrape up a few quid for this book and that may have been the best decision of my life Lake captures the feeling in every City fans heart when he talks about the Blues But when the tone turns to his depression I thought I was reading my own diary Lake s story is one full of hope when it appears there is none The adversity he faces, especially the things he can t overcome, and the way he fights on was motivational and inspiring He never gives up and because of this neither will I This is a great book for anyone, not just City fans or football fans If you want an inspiring book written from the heart than you should buy this book no matter what your interests are.

  8. Debbie Spillane Debbie Spillane says:

    I m a Premier League fan, but don t follow Manchester City and, I ll admit, I d never heard of Paul Lake But I was so moved by this book As a sports journalist I now look back on all the times I ve reported on a player rupturing a cruciate liigament, or spending long periods sideliined with injury, in a different light.Paul Lake writes honestly and in a heart rending fashion about how one injury, poorly treated, completely derailed his life He reveals the emotions, the depression and the life re evaluation that a sporting injury can cause.Talented but injured sports stars are so often out of sight, out of mind , or, as Paul puts it himself Not Really Here You won t think the same way about professional sport and injuries again Knee reconstruction rehab and ruptured cruciate ligaments are ridiculously easy to talk about As long as they re not yours.

  9. josh josh says:

    As an American reader of this book I found it easy to follow despite some of the most British phrases I ve ever encountered being peppered throughout Paul is a wonderful story teller and long live Man City

  10. tarps21 tarps21 says:

    I have to say that this is without doubt the best sports book I have ever read It s written from the POV of a footballer in England who literally has the world at his feet, but suffered through injury and ultimately medical inefficiency.It delves not only into the working of a football team in the 80s 90s, but also into the descent into depression of a once proud sportsman at the top of his game to basically a show pony for his employers.It s a beautiful story I admit I cried and one that you should read, even if you hate football or sports in general.

  11. z55z.co Customer z55z.co Customer says:

    A compelling account of the trials and tribulations of an elite footballer endeavouring to recover from a serious and ultimately career ending injury He does not seek sympathy for his injury but writes with searing honesty about his attempted recovery and subsequent depression His triumph over all his setbacks is truly inspirational and this book is a necessary read for all aspiring sportspersons

  12. Sean Sean says:

    I m roughly the same age as Paul and his upbringing mirrors my own so the first part of the book made me feel a real connection with him The second part when he was a professional footballer I can only dream about it mirroring my life but the pain and anguish of his knee operations leapt out of the page at me Terrific book that will interest far than just Man City fans.

  13. Rob Dylan Rob Dylan says:

    I have read a lot of football autobiographies and biographies and I rate this one alongside Sol Campbell s and Harry Redknapp s as the most boring Personally, I have always thought Paul Lake overrated I feel sad for him that his career finished so prematurely, however, as a consequence everything is about what he might have been and I believe that this has prompted people to say he was a better player than he actually was and would have achieved than he was actually capable of The book is too long winded and dragged out and could have been published half the length it actually is, especially, when you consider the biographies of true Manchester City legends such as Colin Bell, Mike Summerbee, Neil Young and Joe Corrigan are about a third of the length of this.

  14. Eamonn Shaw Eamonn Shaw says:

    Tremendous stuff and a great read too.Terrific account from a brillant player and ooh so hard for an individual no matter his occupation.Well done Paul and full marks you deserve em.

  15. madmark madmark says:

    Compelling and saddened story of a great English prospect, whom it seems was badly let down by elements of MUFC, that would never happen today, and just shear bad luck The economy ticket US trip really is the pits, and you really feel for the bloke, great to see he s now back involved with MUFC