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Twenty eight year old Miles is haunted by guilt for having inadvertently caused the death of his stepbrother, an incident that caused him to flee New York seven years previously Now he lives in Florida, photographing the last traces of families who have abandoned their houses due to debt or foreclosure during the banking crisis When a complicated romance forces him to go on the run again, he returns to Brooklyn to confront his father and his past

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  1. Gurjit Gurjit says:

    This novel has certainly received some poor reviews since its publication but I think it to be one of Auster s best books, perhaps for no other reason than a lot of the subject matter resonated with me personally.The overarching story if we can call it that follows the lives of four young people who, through various misfortunes, have found themselves having to squat a dilapidated house in Brooklyn Each character is given a separate chapter in which we learn about their backgrounds and how their lives are entwined.It is told from the point of view of an omniscient narrator and there are large parts of exposition in which we are spoon fed what each character is thinking and feeling and this makes it difficult for the reader to then bring their own thoughts and emotions to the text, which is usually one of joys of reading Auster.The books deals with themes of poverty and wealth, love and hate, family and friends, inner peace and inner torment, property, space and what it means to be young and old.I can understand why this book has had a mixed reception but overall Sunset Park for me is a mature, engrossing and insightful piece of work by a writer well into his craft.Recommended.

  2. Keith M Keith M says:

    Paul Auster s 2010 novel Sunset Park is another worthy effort from my favourite author of his generation As with a number of recent Auster novels, Sunset Park does not quite capture the downright inventiveness of earlier masterpieces such New York Trilogy, The Music Of Chance, Leviathan or The Book Of Illusions, but there is enough narrative trickery and typically sublime prose here to keep most Auster fans content if not ecstatic and to leave the vast majority of other contemporary authors in the shade.In Sunset Park, Auster revisits a generation gap premise which he has tackled impressively before, whether it be Walt and tutor Master Yehudi in Mr Vertigo or Nathan Glass and his nephew Tom in the recent The Brooklyn Follies The main protagonist of Sunset Park is Miles Heller, 28 year old son of book publisher, twice married Morris The novel begins with Miles, having deserted his parents seven years earlier as a result of mutual disaffection, working in Florida as a trasher out , namely someone who reclaims possessions from houses subject to mortgage default as a result of the financial meltdown in 2008 Auster uses a number of the main characters in the book to narrate the story thereafter, including Miles father and the tenants squatting in the New York residence to which Miles flees in an attempt to evade the Florida law enforcement agencies, who are likely to take a dim view of Miles ongoing relationship with 17 year old schoolgirl Pilar.Auster s concerns in Sunset Park reflect a gamut of issues, both political and personal, ranging from the aftermath of the banking crisis albeit dealt with rather superficially and the familial impact of the Iraq war, through to the decline of the book publishing business and personal tragedies of lost love and family revenge Auster has clearly moved on for better or worse from his earlier fantastic, mysterious and suspense filled work to a measured, humanistic style, which is perhaps emotionally charged.For me, therefore, Sunset Park does not attain the level of his absolutely best work, but is a must read nevertheless.

  3. Miss L. Miss L. says:

    this is a great writer and a good read.

  4. Sky Meets Sea Sky Meets Sea says:

    Good novel, but not one of Auster s best.

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  6. Leslie A. Heaps Leslie A. Heaps says:

    This is one of his better works, in my humble opinion If you like Auster, you will like this too.