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I would loved to have seen Moe playing golf Very misunderstood.Greatness comes in many disguises, looking for books about Moe Globe and Mail golf columnist Lorne Rubenstein has authored multiple acclaimed books and had his work featured in major golf publications Moe Me is a riveting exploration of the life of Moe Norman, known for his unusual swing on the course and his crippling insecurity and introverted nature off of it great book, very moving story and lovely written by lorne rubenstein Any golfer will love this book a must read Good Loved this book and should be read by all golfers Good read if you are interested in true golfing characters A real contrast to the golfing environment of today Would have love to have seen him play YouTube is good but is simply not the same as real life Interesting but not so comprehensive as The feeling of greatness Unfortunately Moe was not the most interesting person to write about It came across as a labour of love than anything else. Lorne Rubinstein does a great job reflecting on the unique life of one of Canada s golf icons During an era of the country club elites, Moe Norman carved his own path He obviously loved golf and had a unique savant kind of ability to play the game Rubinstein s insightful book gives the reader a great perspective on the life and times in golf during the Moe Norman period and the difficulty he encountered due to his unique personality and his acceptance and or reluctance to be accepted in to the golf mainstream Moe has been recognized by many as one of the purest strikers of the ball I watched him play once in Winnipeg and he certainly was a crowd gatherer and entertainer, and he could certainly hit the ball As in all of Rubinstein s books, George Knudson, Mike Weir, et al he is very thorough and provides the reader with an enjoyable account of his subject. Great story about a Canadian Golfer really enjoyed it