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It was ok, not really my type of book Not much of a build up to the race and then the race was over I would not recommend to anyone. I have written travel logs of my own motorcycle trips that are interesting than The Big Race That s not saying nothing, by the way and no, that s not a mistaken double negative I m a published writer Now, my motorcycle trip logs are not available for purchase, but if they were, I d make them longer than The Big Race You barely get into the feel of the trip before it s over In fact, there was very little description of the road itself compared to comments on other things, especially the people involved I expected to get a feel for the sights and sounds, the feel of the road, a sense of the progress of the trip Glimpses were all I got, and then the book was done. Couldn t figure out the Author was trying to say One minute he is talking about a cross country race on Harley Davidson motorcycles then the next minute he is calling in to question the charater of the race promoter Very little content about actual riding Don t know who the Author expects this story to appeal to. Not about the race and pretty much BS as far as the background goes Not sure what he was trying to achieve apart from taking my money One of the worst books I have ever read. I expcted to read about the race It was never discribed It was narratedsort of, but, no discription of hardships along the way And, then, it was over I think that the Big Race by Michael Brick could have been enjoyable if it described the scenery and people. When a mysterious military vet lures hundreds of bikers on a ludicrously dangerous transcontinental motorcycle ride, he draws in a Sioux shaman, a British financier, and a Hollywood auteur with helicopters and private jets But Big Jim has a far ambitious agenda And it will take them all to a reckoning with the heart of America In this rollicking, true story, Michael Brick chases the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge from Arizona to the Pine Ridge Reservation, with a brief interlude in Las Vegas Michael Brick, a former New York Times reporter and sportswriter, lives in Texas His work has appeared in Harper s, New York, and other magazines He is the author of Saving the School The True Story of a Principal, A Teacher, a Coach, a Bunch of Kids and a Year in the Crosshairs of Education Reform total waste of time and made no sense I don t even know if I finished bad you will never get yourtime back