[ Read Audiobooks ] Strength Training for Beginners: A Start Up Guide to Getting in Shape Easily Now! Ultimate How To Guides (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Jason Scotts, Mike Paine, Yap Kee Chong: Audible AudiobooksAuthor Jason Scotts – Carcier.co

Using strength training as a fitness regime you re able to use resistance in order to not only make the skeletal muscles within your body stronger, but it also helps to increase their size and anaerobic endurance When it comes to strength training there are many different types you can undertake In this book Strength Training for Beginners I will explain in detail about not only the benefits of strength training, but also how to get your training started However before we look at these areas I m going to explain a little bit about where it originates Up until the th Century, you ll find the history of strength training is very similar to that of weight training However with the arrival of certain technologies, materials and knowledge that s come to light since the th Century the methods we now use as part of our strength training regime have grown somewhat In fact, if you were to look back at what has been written over the century s regarding strength training, it was something the Ancient Greeks were already doing Certainly when you look at some of the pictures that appear on ancient Greek cups and plates you ll see images of men carrying things such as large animals on their back or lifting what seems to be a set of weights

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  1. M. Chuka M. Chuka says:

    Now while most people are obsessed with losing weight, they fail to realise the importance of incorporating a strength training element to their fitness program.Jason Scotts does an excellent job stating the benefits of strength training and how you can achieve the most value from it.This is highly recommended.

  2. richard phillips richard phillips says:

    ok for now but info needed

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    Strength training, as this guide tells us, is designed to tone your body and at the same time helps to shed weight Posture will improve and core muscles strengthen There is a full explanation of equipment and how it is used, advice on exercises and even on proper nutrition A helpful section is the 6 week preparation time schedule which can help to reduce the risk of any harm A very useful manual on this subject.

  4. Julia Busch Julia Busch says:

    Something I d not considered beforethere is a difference between strength training and weight training And within strength training there are sub types that include Core training which offer postural stability and solidity, Muscle Endurance, Strength Endurance, General Strength training and others.Each differ in the number of reps, the types of exercises undertaken, speed of the workout, and force exerted on the muscles body All very logical, targeted and progressive The author covers benefits to equipment, from machine types, to resistance bands, warm ups, exercise balls, types of dumbbells and barbells, adjustable weight bench, exercise mat, advantages of training at the gym or at home.to planning your program.Well done, comprehensive information for someone just starting out Highly recommended

  5. M. McDonald M. McDonald says:

    I found the format of the book to be extremely helpful in the way it was divided into types, terminology, benefits, getting started and the equipment needed for each type of exercise The information about home vs gym was very clear and would make the choice so much easier for someone just getting started Recommended reading.

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    This is a poorly written and designed e book The photos and illustrations are not properly transferred and often are out of proportion Keep looking as this will not be much help.

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    Severely lacking in depth content Structure is good but not enough detail to really justify the table of contents elements.