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Professional cycling has been around for thanyears, than enough time for nearly anything imaginable to have happened Whether it s the Tour de France racer who thought the worst thing that could happen to him was being forced to wear the Yellow Jersey, or the communist team director who insisted, on a whim, that a rider have a toe amputated or the fit of jealousy that started the Giro d Italia, the sport has an endless supply of examples of human folly Les Woodland has the perfect knack for telling these improbable, silly, crazy and absurd stories

9 thoughts on “Cycling's 50 Craziest Stories (Audio Download): Les Woodland, Wyntner Woody, Les Woodland: Audible Audiobooks

  1. magdalene42 magdalene42 says:

    Les Woodland is a very respected writer on cycling matters and as such a book by him is always welcome to the fan However if you have followed cycling for than a few years or if you read books on cycling often, you will be familiar with most of these stories.Having said that, Les retells the familiar in an entertaining and engaging manner and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.Highly recommended, most especially to those just getting started in pro cycling fandom.

  2. brian griffiths brian griffiths says:

    Well done Garaint You tell a very good story

  3. Marsh Meanderer Marsh Meanderer says:

    Brilliant Bought as a present for a keen cyclist.

  4. A Bromwich A Bromwich says:

    This was a gift for a secret santa at work, for someone who loves cycling He loved the book and spent the majority of the day reading it instead of writing board reports

  5. James L. Witherell James L. Witherell says:

    Want to find out about the Tour de France winner who gambled away all his winnings the day the race ended How about the man who thought he d set a cycling distance record only to find out that he hadn t even after riding extra distance to ensure that he had This book has those stories and much Then there s the tale of Wim Van Est, the first Duthch rider to wear the Tour de France s yellow jersey, only to fall off a cliff and nearly to his death the very next day In the interst of full disclosure, this book is also published by McGann Publishing, the publisher of my book, Bicycle History But I ve been a big fan of Les Woodland s work since before this book came out Just check out my Listmania list on s US site Mr Woodland has been writing about cycling since the 70s and really knows his stuff check out his encyclopedic Yellow Jersey Companion to the Tour de France, if you don t believe me James Witherell

  6. Oystein Oystein says:

    This book is perfect for you who are interested in cycling It is, I must say, also perfect for those of you that are not Some of the stories made me smile and laugh Some of the stories made me think Is this actually possible The collection of stories will give you a good insight in the history of madness in cycling A top book if you want to be amused with real history.

  7. Bookworm Bill Bookworm Bill says:

    I m a great cycling fan and was tempted to buy this on my Kindle due to the low cost and some positive reviews It s easy to read and there are some really interesting pieces towards the beginning, but it then becomes a bit tedious yet short chapters of a few pages with yet another anecdote from cycling s history Perhaps it would be best read a few chapters at a time none are than about 10 pages on the Kindle with standard text size , but it didn t have enough to keep my interest any longer.

  8. Eos Eos says:

    I bought this for my husband and he hasn t put it down More than this, he also keeps reading sections of it to me It seems to be a hit

  9. Alessio Punzi Alessio Punzi says:

    Bite sized stories, perfect for wandering in other eras while travelling on a train or for the doc s waiting room The best part is that most of the stories are obscure to the masses There s much than Eddy Merckx, cycling addicted