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With a bike, a turbo trainer, and the right advice, you can beat anyone No one but Graeme Obree has the clarity of vision to get to the heart of the problem of how to improve as a racing cyclist His innovative approach took him to the top of world cycling, twice breaking the world hour record a story picked up in his Hollywood biopic The Flying Scotsman It can draw the same outstanding athletic performance from you The Obree Way sidesteps conventional wisdom and strips cycling back to its elements, always asking the question What actually improves my race time This is no routine training program Written in a conversational style, the book explains Graeme Obree s radical insights into technique, training, psychology, and diet, and the clear logic behind them At last, the best kept secret in cycling, the Obree three phase breathing technique, is revealed in detail, getting oxygen to your blood with less effort Graeme Obree s training methods really work the man is living proof He believes that resting is key to training, that you can pedal, stretch, and breathe effectively and that, if you really want it, you can find the will and intensity to improve Get on your bike