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I really enjoyed Nate s story It took you to the parts of the NFL no one see s undrafteds , through a rookie season, a position change, medical insights and even personal life I think Nate does a great job of detailing his personal life as he is just a human like the rest of us, but seemingly has one of the easiest jobs in the world I m not too much of a wordy as I digest the contents an story a lot , but I loved this read so much. A very honest account to what it is to be on the fringe of a professional team and how quickly you can find yourself from being loved to unloved.. Highly readable and highly enjoyable book Nate Jackson comes across as an intelligent and likeable person, which makes his story endearing He doesn t go overboard with detail, so the seasons fly by in what is a relatively short book.Even so, this gives a great insight into how it is to be on the fringes of the NFL, sometimes in, sometimes out, and how it is for most players that flirt with pro careers As a Brit, I learnt a bit about the game I love. Great book giving a real insiders view of the NFL Nate has an easy going, whimsical style that makes you root for him, I loved the passage about being Randy Moss I wish sport books were like this A whopper of a football book written in a very honest and funny way by a guy always on the periphery Special Teams staple who is honest enough to admit that he got onto teams because he was lucky enough to have the great Bill Walsh in his corner due to their college connection. I enjoyed this book but whilst it was entertaining and jokey in parts, it explores almost too well he mundane life of a bit part player constantly injured and just doing enough to stay on the team Worth reading for a different perspective. Very entertaining and the details on his medical issues injuries are quite horrific Only issue is the book is as short as Nate s career was. Wer sich f r die NFL und vor allem f r das, was eher im Hintergrund geschieht, interessiert, der sollte hier sofort zugreifen Nate Jackson gibt einen detailreichen Einblick in den t glichen j hrlichen Struggle eines Footballers, sich in der Liga zu halten Man bekommt zum Beispiel einen Einblick in das Gehaltsgef ge derer, die nicht den Schritt zum unangefochtenen Starter schaffen Ablenkungen neben dem Platz werden mit einigen unterhaltsamen Stories erz hlt Jackson ist nicht nur ein ehemaliger Profispieler, er ist auch ein Schriftsteller Das Buch ist verdammt gut geschrieben. Nate Jackson s Slow Getting Up is an unvarnished and uncensored memoir of everyday life in the most popular sports league in America and the most damaging to its players the National Football League After playing college ball at a tiny Division III school, Jackson, a receiver, signed as a free agent with the San Francisco ers, before moving to the Denver Broncos For six seasons in the NFL as a Bronco, he alternated between the practice squad and the active roster, eventually winning a starting spot a short, tenuous career emblematic of the average pro player Drawing from his own experience, Jackson tells the little known story of the hundreds of everyday, expendable players whose lives are far different from their superstar colleagues From scouting combines to training camps, off season parties to game day routines, debilitating physical injuries including degenerative brain conditions to poor pensions and financial distress, he offers a funny, and shocking look at life in the NFL, and the young men who risk their health and even their lives to play the game Nate Jackson spent six years as a wide receiver and tight end for the Denver Broncos of the National Football League This candid record of the everyday workings of a pro footballer s life, the mind numbing workouts, the constant fear of being cut, the game day highs and lows, the partying and sex, all give an insight that is both instructive and entertaining.But the real crux of the book centers around the numerous injuries sustained by the players and the nonchalant indifference of the administrators and medical staff.Slow getting up It s a wonder Jackson got up at all Play through the pain is the mantra, don t worry about the long term effects.The NFL has been slow to recognize these effects, the brain damage or CTE, just as it has recently been slow to acknowledge the behavioral abuse by some of it s players All this must change.While Jackson may not have been the best player around, he has turned out to be an excellent writer This book is a must both for football and general sports fans alike.