Download Textbooks The Magnificent Masters: Jack Nicklaus, Johnny Miller, Tom Weiskopf, and the 1975 Cliffhanger at Augusta (Audio Download): Gil Capps, Joel Richards, Audible Studios: Audible Audiobooks By Gil Capps –

The best golf book that I have read Very well written and engaging TheMasters Tournament always seemed destined for the record books A veritable Hall of Fame list of competitors had gathered that spring in Augusta, Georgia, for the game s most famous event, including Arnold Palmer, Tom Watson, Gary Player, Lee Trevino, Hale Irwin, Billy Casper, and Sam Snead The lead up had been dominated by Lee Elder, the first black golfer ever invited to the exclusive club s tourney But by the weekend, the tournament turned into a showdown between the three heavyweights of the time Jack Nicklaus, Johnny Miller, and Tom Weiskopf Never before had golf s top three players of the moment summoned the best golf of their lives in the same major championship Their back and forth battle would rivet the sporting world and dramatically culminate in one of the greatest finishes in golf history In The Magnificent Masters, Gil Capps, ayear veteran of the golf industry with NBC Sports and Golf Channel, recaptures hole by hole the thrilling drama of this singular event during golf s golden era, from the media crazed build up and intertwined careers of the three combatants to the tournament s final dramatic putts that would change the game of golf forever Lovely read and a lovely addition to the aficionado s golf library. A fantastic account of the greatest Masters in history Absolutely superb read. A great perspective of the greatest golf tournament competed for To have such renowned golfers share their experiences helps define the course and the importance of the tournament Great read. I am a big fan of Jack Nicklaus but I only got watch his play live from the 1980 US Open.This is a well written book for golf fans and student of the game. What a great tournament It was probably the best Masters finish ever The author Gil Capps did a Masterful job of setting the stage for the final round on Sunday In building up to that final round, he gave us considerable background on the Masters tournament and the top players, especially the three who could have won Sunday Johnny Miller, Tom Weiskoff, and Jack Nicklaus This outstanding book did remind me of another great golf book The Match in which Hogan and Nelson took on Ward and Venturi One other oddity When I finished the Kindle book and the Review form popped up, my Kindle said I was at 72% completion. This is a good book The author set the mood and atmosphere well and provided some worthy background on Johnny Miller and Tom Weiskopf I had forgotten about Miller s brother dying at such a young age And I have a new appreciation for Weiskopf The tournament itself was covered nicely and its impact toward future Masters tournaments was also delineated.My only qualm that prevented a five star rating is the author needed some light editing assistance He has too many minor errors that took away from the presentation For someone so highly regarded in the field of research, etc to point out Nicklaus finished second in the Canadian Open six times, when the real number is seven, is unfortunate If he didn t have the correct number, don t point it out In addition, the sun will peek through clouds, not peak There are others sprinkled throughout.However, for this generation of golf fans who only know Tiger, Phil, etc., this is highly recommended to let them know a little of the game s rich history and its great players from the past. I simply couldn t put it down I m from Columbus and have followed The Golden Bear s career and have often wondered why Tom Weiskopf and Johnny Miller s careers never reached the mountop Well, this book clearly provides the answers especially from very interesting recent insights from the players themselves and many others Weiskopf and Miler are very candid with their thoughts then and now Great stuff and a very quick reading prose Read it this week in preparation for A tradition unlike any other The Masters You ll be fired up and ready to go this Thursday In the middle of this book, there were approx 20 pages that were damaged, this should have been pointed out in the description when it was soldI buy a lot of books and I thought I was buying a like new or new books, very disappointed in the quality of this book