Audible Sticky Buns Across America: Back-Roads Biking from Sea to Shining Sea (Audio Download): Léo Woodland, Nathan William Heller, McGann Publishing, LLC: Audible Audiobooks –

Sticky Buns Across America is the story of one of the four continents and one of the countries Woodland has crossed by bike, this time with patient wife Steph a tale of riding across small town America and occasional bits of Canada, although to Americans that doesn t count It s not a tale of heroic battling with storms, riots, poison ivy, Americans, and other problems Instead, sit back and enjoy an eccentric account of encounters made and experiences lived Plus, it has to be admitted, a lot of sticky buns eaten About the author Leo Woodland is a tall and balding man who has long annoyed many by not sitting still Or, indeed, pleased even by not staying in one place for too long So far the tally by bike iscountries on four continents Mr Woodland has been writing about cycling since , when he wrote his first reports for the British publication Cycling Since then he has been a prolific contributor to newspapers, magazines, and radio stations in the UK, the US and Belgium Many of his fans know him better as Les Woodland Sticky Buns Across America is Mr Woodland s th book I am a really big fan of armchair cycling and have a large library containing accounts of many two wheeled journeys This book is an enjoyable read that I found hard to put down It is far than a dull account of the mechanics of a cycle trip and it is full of absorbing vignettes on America and its inhabitants.The author is amusing, erudite, and writes in a very informal, humorous style It is a very successful attempt to catalogue the real joys of cycle touring the meeting of generous, hospitable folk who are eager to share their love of their homeland.Buy it even if you are not a cyclist it could inspire you to copy the author. slow and poor A good read