The Pursuit of God: The Definitive Classic (Audio Download): A. W. Tozer, James L. Snyder, Oasis Audio: Audible Audiobooks –

This is a book every regenerated Christian should read to enter into a deeper relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ The fundamental principle is simple God seeks out the believers to lead them to His beloved Son, Christ Jesus When a believer touches our Lord Jesus Christ, he starts loving Him and he joins the true believers to pursue Him together Draw me we will run after You Songs of Songs 1 4 This book is a really stimulating read Parts were quite challenging, and the whole book was so scripturally based it was a joy to read from beginning to end. Tozer really does make you look at yourself question how you can live a Christ like existence His understanding of how being a Christian can be the hardest yet most rewarding life how best approach it really does speak to you I recommend this book wholeheartedly. A book that every Christian should read Written in excellent English, this book will enrich and edify you as a Christian In Pursuit of God helps you to understand the God Head and throws light to the importance of worshipping God in spirit and in truth I highly recommend this book to all Christians who hunger for God. Tozer was a legend, this book is one of many he has left us with and shows a true and in depth relationship with God This book is short but profound It is also written in a very accessible way If you want to read the incredibly well thought out journey of a man and God, this is your book. Classic Tozer Occasionally shows up the disconnects within his Calvinist predestination standpoint but a great exercise in the pursuit of holiness God is in pursuit of you The Pursuit of God is the enduring Christian classic by renowned pastor and theologian A W Tozer More thanyears later, the words Tozer penned on a train from Illinois to Texas echo across the decades to resonate with power in the heart of anyone longing for a deeper experience with God This devotional masterpiece is at once thought provoking and spirit enlivening, an invitation to think deeply about your faith even as you come alive to God s presence surrounding, sustaining and pursuing you This book is a modest attempt, Tozer wrote, to aid God s hungry children so to find Him If you are hungry, The Pursuit of God will lead you to the only One who can satisfy the soul Although this was written many years ago it still has an enormous relevance to today s Church It is easy to read and understand and explains that getting to know God in an intimate personal way is important to a Christian than following church traditions. Not sure if this review will go to the same product or not, but the one I ordered was the one with the cover that has a long walkway dock on an ocean at the top, and a picture of the earth from space on the bottom.Tricky for me to figure out what to rate it, the book itself is a 5 5, very good book If you re heart is in the right place and you are truly seeking, not just head knowledge, but spiritual growth, then you need to read this book a couple of times I will be buying of Tozer, very impactfull for the the life a Christian.The 2 stars is from the specific edition I have Theres no publishing company even specified on the book itself, and the issue is the terrible text There are literally spelling errors and grammar errors EVERYWHERE Sometimes multiple on a page, sometimes you can go a few pages without one If will often separate words like of to o f , random spaces between the letters, it will leave out words making the sentence sound odd until you realize what happened, they double words together randomly like the the thing o f which done or something like that, you sometimes have to fill the blanks in yourself Pretty bizarre, I know normal editions aren t like this at all, so I can only think that this copy was a super cheap and sloppy copy of this book Strange, spend a few dollars and get a different publishers edition of this book. A powerful book and a necessary read for anyone wanting to go deeper in their spiritual faith Towzer challenges and inspires us to be hungry and find our true satisfaction in the Lord