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Nikola Tesla Has Been Called The Most Important Man Of The Twentieth Century Certainly He Contributed To The Field Of Electricity, Radio, And Television Than Any Other Person Living Or Dead Ultimately He Died Alone And Impoverished Having Driven All Of His Friends Away Through His Neurotic And Eccentric Behavior Tesla Was Never Able To Fit Into The World That He Found Himself In This Autobiography, Originally Serialized In Electrical Experimenter, Is An Intensely Fascinating Glimpse Into The Mind Of A Genius, His Inventions, And The Magical World In Which He Lived

8 thoughts on “My Inventions: The Autobiography of Nikola Tesla

  1. breakfast_legs breakfast_legs says:

    I really love this book Its written in such an honest style, he sounds like a really funny guy.I love the bit when he describes how he discovered Voltaire and started reading volume 1 There were 100 volumes and he felt like he had to read them all, and just could not stop himself At the end he was like hmmm.I wish I hadn t done that tbh..I love the self depreciating humour And what a legend the man is Was a real treat to visit belgrade and see the museum with all his inventions You feel like you kind of know the guy after reading this, really great stuff.

  2. Bluelight Bluelight says:

    This is a very short story of Nikola Tesla from a youngboy to the end of his career.Nikola Tesla promised that he would write a proper Autobiography sometime in his life but unfortunately he died before this was achieved.This Autobiography is a very condensed version of 82 pages and appears to be a translation Possibly Croatian into English.It makes funny reading sometimes because of it.However it is well worth reading and gives an incite into his mind and ways of working.

  3. hathor hathor says:

    Interesting introduction to Teslas early life with some notable episodes documented ie how Lightening both preceeds and influences rainfall and idea picked up and used by Modetn governments use of HAARP.

  4. rainman rainman says:

    This book was given as a present so I didn t read it myself but it was much appreciated and I know it had been difficult to source locally so the recipient was delighted to receive it.

  5. Mr. R. M. Harding Mr. R. M. Harding says:

    No wonder Elon Musk has followed this man

  6. savesu.co.uk Customer savesu.co.uk Customer says:

    Interesting book

  7. savesu.co.uk Customer savesu.co.uk Customer says:

    Nice book.

  8. Q. Rayer Q. Rayer says:

    Short, readable, insight into how Tesla approached problems To the thoughtful some ideas on how you might improve your own ability to imagine in 3 dimensions Interesting.