books pdf The Seven Principles of Golf: Mastering the Mental Game On and Off the Golf Course (Audio Download): Darrin Gee, Damon Daffron, Gee & Company LLC: Audible Audiobooks –

From the number one best selling author of The Frustrated Golfer s Handbook The Seven Principles of Golf Are Powerful This unique and innovative golf instruction approach will increase your distance, cut strokes, lower scores, and effortlessly improve your golf game without changes to your grip, swing, or clubs The Seven Principles of Golf Are Simple This book offers simple and cohesive step by step instruction with detailed explanations and exercises, all designed to help you hit straighter, longer, and accurate shots Learn easy and practical skills to hit consistent shots eliminate mental errors and break through the,,, orstroke barriers The Seven Principles of Golf Are Effective Golf is % mental That means that % of poor swings, penalties, mistakes, miscues, mis hits, bogeys, double bogeys, or worse are caused by mental game errors Improve your mental game, commonly known as sports psychology, and you will hit the sweet spot, maximize power, and increase accuracy For overyears, the coaching offered in this book has been tested and proven at mental golf expert Darrin Gee s Spirit of Golf Academy, named one of the top golf schools in America by Golf Magazine Amazing book, loved it Really helpful tips on how to mprove your mental game, which has been a real problem for me I thought I was the only person having these issues, so it was comforting to know I m not alone. More about the attitude to golf than detailed instruction Well produced Excellent little book.Arrived quickly and in very good conditon I found the book very useful