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Travis Macy has summited glacial peaks in the French Alps, rappelled into limestone caves in China, and raced through parched deserts in Utah Inhe famously won the Leadman Series, a combination of nearlymiles of high altitude trail running and mountain biking over the course of five epic endurance races Macy achieved all of these victories without elite professional training or even exceptional strength, speed, or flexibility His secret A precise outlook he calls the ultra mindset , a set of simple principles for daily life that includes embracing fear, rewriting the stories we tell ourselves, and mastering the art of asking for help By practicing these principles in all areas of life, anyone can successfully achieve goals that might have otherwise seemed impossible

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  1. altrarunning1 altrarunning1 says:

    For anyone wanting to get the very best from themselves Travis has dedicated his life to doing just that and shares his mindset, stories and lessons A great addition to my library of running endurance related books

  2. Elyse Paulson Elyse Paulson says:

    Sports psychology basics Good for someone with no background in the area I found it a little basic but really good to introduce athletes to the concepts of an endurance mindset.

  3. Ewan Ewan says:

    Great stories from a legendary athlete Each chapter has a essentially a psychological self improvement task and tips which are useful

  4. Lubbylou Lubbylou says:

    Can t get my husbands head out of it

  5. Oskar Oskar says:

    Great, inspiring book, highly recommended

  6. Gwyn Jones Gwyn Jones says:

    I thought this was a great book full of practical advice that can be applied across all arenas of life I m no ultra runner but so much of this really resonated with me as someone that s training for their longest distance yet a half marathon in my case A lot of the advice here definitely transcends training I feel it could have been applied to just about every hard circumstance I ve faced in life.

  7. lincolnshirecleaning.co Kunde lincolnshirecleaning.co Kunde says:

    Das Buch ist sehr empfehlenswert Besonders gef llt mir die pers nliche Art des Autors sich mit Beispielen aus seinem Leben zu reflektieren.Travis Macy bietet auch eine Ultra Mindset Academy an 8 Wochen Kurs , um die Kapitel des Buches durchzuarbeiten.

  8. rajesh rajesh says:

    Ideally when reading you should be willing to pause and start on the exercises Some of the exercises and notes are simple and should be effective in most people s lives

  9. David Cadwallader David Cadwallader says:

    One of the recurring themes of this book is how to outsmart one s one s own brain winning the argument when your internal voice tells you to give up The stories in this book will not only keep you on the edge of your seat, but they ll become part of your own inner voice in powerful ways.I ve been surprised at how often the lessons from The Ultra Mindset have suddenly popped into my own head, just when I needed them While going out for a trail run the other day, my inner voice started telling me to slow down and take it easy, since I wasn t feeling 100% But quickly another voice joined the conversation, drawing from Mindset 1, and chanting It s all good mental training My attitude quickly shifted from trying to weasel out early, into pushing harder, and running 50% longer than I had planned.Being a working father of two, the lessons about time management from this book really struck a chord with me Particularly Mindset 6 The 4 30 a.m Rule Sometimes having a full day of work, exercise, and quality time with the family means committing to waking up obscenely early to get things done Before reading this book, I would often talk myself out of it right after my alarm went off But now I ve got another mantra to counter that voice you ve already committed ahead of time, so there s no choice to make and I spring out of bed, ready to face the day.As I enter a new chapter of my professional life, I ve battled with Impostor Syndrome, worrying that I don t belong here I don t deserve this And when I found myself flip flopping between the choice of sticking with my safe well known position, or accepting something much challenging and full of unknowns, Mindset 4 Have an ego and use it helped push me over the edge I was able to summon strength from my ego instead of being afraid of it, and confidently march forward into the unknown.The most amazing thing is that I never once had to try to recall these lessons, or force my mind into Ultra Mindset mode These stories and lessons have become part of my inner narrative I ve never said with all seriousness before that a book has changed my life, until now.

  10. Michael Sandler Inspire Nation Host Michael Sandler Inspire Nation Host says:

    The Ultra Mindset s than just for running, but for life I just interviewed Travis Macy for our Inspire Nation Show, and it s clear the mindset that s helped him become a champion ultra runner can help us all in the game of life.He breaks down the book, and key concepts into 8 succinct mindsets or strategies, which makes it easy to follow, digest, and to implement I love the 4 30 Rule, anything s possible when you don t have a choice And 8 Never quit, except when you should There s a lot of great advice in here, and I can t recommend it enough Of course, being an ultra endurance athlete myself, I LOVE the stories They re inspiring and make me want to get moving, whether on the trails, my bike, or when it warms up again, paddling out on the water.You don t have to be an athlete to enjoy this book, but the stories are fun Thank you Travis for an amazing book, one I m sure will help people in business, in life, and on the trails Woo Hoo

  11. Danny Rubin Danny Rubin says:

    Travis Macy s book is a perfect blend of personal anecdotes and practical advice And I love his uncommon lessons like Be a wannabe and Have an ego and use it until it s time to put your ego aside.Travis has learned literally and figuratively life is an uphill climb, but there s no better feeling than when you reach the summit Am I a world champion athlete No Does The Ultra Mindset provide a roadmap to be better and capable in my daily life Yes, and in all kinds of ways.Excellent read I highly recommend it

  12. LarryD LarryD says:

    I rarely write a review even though I ve read a lot of really good books But this book really resonated with me and I can attest that the Ultra Mindset describe by the author is real and works I picked up this book up because as a former two time Leadman champion and former course record holder, the Leadman aspect sparked my interest However this book is so much it s about a mindset and principles that will help anyone succeed in whatever endeavor they choose to pursue I was a teenage juvenile delinquent, expelled from high school, drug addict, and homeless they called it runaway back then Upon taking up running I went back to school, achieved multiple degrees in computer science and management, advanced from a technician to engineer to scientist, competed in and won mountain bike races and marathons, and in 2009 at 51 years of age won the Leadman for the second time as well as set the course record A homeless juvenile delinquent to an IT scientist and Leadman champion and guess what, it was a long hard road with many setbacks and challenges, which were overcome with the Ultra Mindset so well explained in this book This is not a book just for athletes, its for anyone that wants to make the most out of their life.

  13. Raiza Diaz Raiza Diaz says:

    I love this book I have read it several times Truly motivating whether for ultrarunning, endurance sports or simply everyday life.

  14. Dave Dave says:

    I think this book would be a helpful guide for beginner and expert athletes alike As an experienced racer and ultramarthoner myself, I was often nodding my head in agreement of his insightful and concise explanations He has provided years of racing experience and training wisdom distilled into 8 guiding concepts that are easy to put into practice right away I highly recommend taking the time to complete the exercises at the end of each chapter to get maximum benefit from this book I was so excited to read each chapter I had to go back and complete the exercises after finishing the book Having had this book on my shelf for about a year, I can attest this is the kind of book you can easily refer back to a chapter at a time.

  15. James M James M says:

    This book is than an ultra runners philosophy it teaches valuable life lessons Really enjoyed reading this book and so will you.