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Profound, compelling and artfully crafted, this will be appreciated not only by climbers and mountaineers, but by anyone striving to integrate adventure and love within the confines of one life. I really enjoyed the story and the authors writing style Great book I can highly recommend it to anyone that enjoys outdoor adventures Fun to read Brown is average climber, not a super star, and exhibits good mountain judgement. It takes courage to climb great peaks, and even courage to write about it with great honesty and insight Brown reveals the practical and moral dilemmas associated with pursuing life s meaningful endeavors A great read. Not my type of read but interesting. Seven years after a brush with death on Mount Rainier, the narrator agrees to join a friend on one of the peak s most dangerous routes Having vowed never to become That Guy who dies in the mountains, he returns to the narrow ledge between safety and oblivion Questions swirl in his head as the climb draws near Does danger breed character, or is mountaineering sheer indulgence What duty has a man to stay safe for his family s sake Will he return home brimming with experience, or make his wife a widow, his daughter an orphan What makes danger so persistently attractive Barron Brown is a writer, doctor, climber, and former endurance athlete He lives with his family in Seattle, Washington A Narrow Ledge is his first published work Cover design by Kristen Radtke