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William Langlands poem stands at the centre of the study of ideological conflict, social change and religious ideas in the later fourteenth century It is a poem that vividly encapsulates the great issues and debates of the day and acts as a commentary on cataclysmic events such as the Peasants Revolt, the condemnation of Wyclifs ideasand the rise of Lollardy It is also one of the greatest poems of the English Middle Ages, worth reading beside Dante and ChaucerThe poem has provoked a sophisticated and wide ranging critical literature It needs to be read in an edition by an expert conceived with the student reader in mind Of the A, B and C versions of the text of Piers Plowman, only a student geared edition of the B text exists and that edition is now becoming dated The C text, which supersedes B in terms of Langlands poetic career, is also acomplete and carefully structured poem It needs to be available in an equally readerly edition this is such an editionFor his new edition of the C text of Piers Plowman, Derek Pearsall has completely revised the text, added side glosses for the benefit of student readers of the poem though without sacrificing the glossary , and revised and updated the explanatory notes The Introduction has also been expanded, revised and reshaped to take account of this Since the new edition involves a significant reworking of the previous edition and justifies library copy replacement, a Hardcover library edition will be available for a limited period