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Bought 5 books at once kept one and offered the others as a present to disc golfing friends. I was really hoping to learn something new about disc golf form or technique from this book, but the majority of the content is just a really long way to generally say the same thing over and over in different ways The first chapter has this very important line from the author, and I believe it should actually be included in the description to assist potential buyers This book is not an instruction manual on how to play disc golf.You can find many tutorials on the internet on how to properly throw That s probably the truest statement in the entire text I just wish I could ve read that before buying a disc golf paperback that mentions next to nothing about gameplay mechanics, and focuses solely on mental preparation Also, the publisher must have skipped or expedited the proofing phase, because the pages are sprinkled with grammatical errors here and there, which I found to be somewhat distracting.Honestly, this book is really about centering yourself mentally for the game, which is certainly important as you approach any throw And some people might actually get something out of it, if they know what they are getting into prior to the sale It s a fast read, and you can consume all of the text in about a 2 3 hour sitting Although admittedly, once I got halfway through an hour in, the redundancy of the subject matter really waned my interest So I started skimming the remaining half, found nothing very compelling, and quite simply put it down Per the author s suggestion, I ll continue surfing YouTube for gameplay and throwing mechanics I was just hoping that this book would be an adequate supplement to that, with detailed information to build upon and consider But it just wasn t what I was expecting. Great companion book to Discs Zen Good Having just picked up disc golf and becoming hooked about two months ago, I wanted to absorb as much about it as I could I watched videos and read reviews for discs and listened to podcasts Which is how I came across this book This book captured everything that really drew me in to the sport The reflection time that you have between your shots was such a draw for me, and Patrick puts this time to the most positive use The ideas and philosophies that he lays out are meant to sharpen the mental blade in the game, but they seamlessly bleed into your everyday life.I am a fifth grade teacher, and as I was reading I was picturing all of these positive thoughts ending up on my walls of my classroom Reading this book and listening to his podcast has inspired me to start a disc golf club in my school In the book he speaks of three groups, the mentor, the peer, and the protege And how the positivity that you spread to the protege comes back to you in great amounts My goal is to pass these ideas on to the next generations of players.I really can t say enough good things about this book Read it. I am not a hardcore reader by any means, so I am in shock that I read this book cover to cover in less than 24 hours I am a fairly new addict to the game of disc golf but once I really started playing consistently last summer I have never looked back My daily life is consumed by my passion for disc golf and how important it is to me This author has such an incredible way of explaining vastly important outlooks that EVERY player needs to understand I truly believe with the things I am learning in this book I will become a much better player Patrick, thank you for such an awesome book, and outlook I can t wait to start reading it again now, only this time I ll follow your instruction to read a chapter at a time and then go play Lol , I heard through the grapevine that the author has a new book coming out soon Please do everything you can to make this happen, and add me to your list of definite orders This book is such a good read for anyone that has, does, Or is interested in the sport I disced before reading this book, And the insite alone was great Every chapter gave me drive just to go throw There was so much inspiration in the book as well that had helped me with my day to day life mentally which was awesome bonus I would recommend this to anyone like I said at the beginning Hope this helps with anyone thinking of buying this book. If you are serious about playing disc golf, this book is a must read It s not a how to guide for the game itself, it s a guide for managing your thoughts and attitude on the course and in all aspects of your life.In disc golf and in life, it s difficult to stay focused on the present moment and to stay centered This book walks you through a plethora of ideas that help you manage the game and life by teaching you to nourish your mind, body and spirit It also helps you to be aware of both positive and negative thoughts that can and do affect you and how to overcome the negative, focusing instead on the positive.By reading this book a little at a time, it helped me to improve my game and my personal quest to be a better person It is a constant struggle to stay focused, but book guides you in the right direction Attitude is everything Disc golf is than a game, Patrick D McCormick carefully argues it can be a window that shows us how we interact with the world The way we play is the way we live This book is about the sport of disc golf, but it also is about so much than throwing a disc at a basket For the passionate practitioner, disc golf becomes a meditation, and practicing has the potential to make us not only better players but better people We begin to focus on what we are doing on the course that is working or not working versus what we are doing at home or in the office Zen and the Art of Disc Golf is about becoming the best players we can be and in turn becoming the best possible version of ourselves through cultivation of attitude, focus, determination, and mental strength It is about mastering the mind, body, and spirit in such a way that we score better and live better Inside this book you will learn What disc golf can teach us about life and success The secret formula for success on and off the course How to create the proper attitude My son loves disc golf He s played all kinds of sports and understands that your mental state certainly affects your playing Ultimately, that s what sports is about sure, there s skill and luck involved, but ultimately the athlete who masters his or her mind prevails I read about this book and ordered it for him for a birthday present He almost teared up when he opened it and said he d been wanting it for forever and how did I know I knew because of other good reviewers who post their reviews Hope this one is helpful to you too.