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David Breashears, the first American to scale Everest twice, was a veteran of nine previous Himalayan filmmaking expeditions when he agreed to lead what became his most challenging filmmaking experience The expedition was organized by large format motion picture producer MacGillivray Freeman Films and comprised an international team of climbers Their goal was to carry a specially modified forty eight pound IMAX motion picture camera to the summit of Everest and return from the top of the world with the first footage ever shot there in this spectacular format A stunningly illustrated portrait of life and death in a hostile, high altitude environment where no human can survive for long, Everest invites you to join Breashears, his climbers, and his crew as they make photographic history Author Broughton Coburn traces each step of the team s progress toward a rendezvous with history and suddenly you re on the scene of a disaster that riveted the world s attention Everest incorporates a first person, on the scene account of the most tragic event in the mountain s history the May blizzard that claimed eight lives, including two of the world s top climbing expedition leaders It is a chronicle of the courage and cooperation that resulted in the rescue of several men and women who were trapped on the lethal, windswept slopes Everest is also a tale of triumph In a struggle to overcome both the physical and emotional effects of the disaster on Everest, Breashears and his team rose to the challenge of achieving their goal humbled by the mountain s overwhelming power yet exhilarated by their own accomplishment Includes a bonus PDF with photographs PLEASE NOTE When you purchase this title, the accompanying reference material will be available in your My Library section along with the audio

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    What a wonderful book Yes, it s about the terrible events of 1996, and it doesn t flinch from describing what happened I won t go into it here, because anyone reading books on Everest will know all about it, and know too that not all questions have been answered But this book isn t about just that it s a book that shows the beauty and glory of Everest, and it makes the obsession with reaching its summit perfectly understandable, despite all the risks involved.I have read many other books about the 1996 tragedy, but only this one gives the reader any idea of why mountaineers do what they do, risking life and limb to see these wonderful sights Of course, not all mountaineers appreciate the beauty of this terrifying and splendid peak I m sure some do it just to put that achievement alongside others in their bucket list, or their cv Whatever But this book shows the rewards of climbing Everest quite apart from the sheer endurance test that it is There is nowhere else to rival it for awesome, awe inspiring views, and this book shows them vividly and in full colour.I also have the Imax film, and this book gives me the chance to marvel at the landscape of Everest all over again Superb

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    Since seeing the movie Everest I have read as much as I can about the events of 1996 and the mountain in general This book has fantastic photographs and I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

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    Superb book Get it You won t be disappointed.

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    National Geographic brings us Everest Mountain Without Mercy which is a fascinating book It tells the true story of the disastrous 1996 Everest climb while making the highest ever grossing 152m dollars documentary IMAX film Everest As well as the story the book is full of stunning colour photographs and updated information about recent Everest events, climbs and notable climbers It captures the majesty, danger and power of this awe inspiring mountain in words and the accompanying beautiful breath taking images some images never published before.This is a captivating, often educational and sometimes shocking read The 1996 Everest climbing season was to become infamous for the lives lost as well as those saved Experienced climbers, guides and some of their clients died that year which just reminded us all just how perilous this incredible mountain can be The book also looks at the local Sherpas who support and make the climbs possible You come to realise that for them as well as some of the climbers that this is just not about skill and physical endurance Climbing Everest for the Sherpas is a spiritual thing and we learn of their pre climb rituals and offerings made to ask protection and please their Deities.The other thing that surprised me from the book was to learn how much of a business climbing Everest has become The cost of expedition climbing licences has risen and how the whole Everest experience has become a tourist attraction Finding that experienced Everest climbers becoming guides for their paying clients to assist them reaching the summit of the mountain.But the main theme of the book is tragic events of 1996 and the loss of life The bravery and courage of the rescuers including the IMAX film crew highlighted the terrible dangers of mountaineering at such great heights The speed of change of weather conditions and the extremity of those conditions when things turn bad is frightening The book examines the reasons for the tragedy and what could be learned without laying blame It s up to date with news, climbing related science and statistics as of May 2015 and is a precursor to a new film due out in 2017 Return to Everest All in all this was a great read, I found it educational and I loved the fantastic pictures book published Sept 15 Thank you to Louise Rhind Tutt at lrtpublicity.co.uk for the free copy in return for an honest review.

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    I am so grateful to Louise Rhind Tutt of www.lrtpublicity.co.uk for a review copy of Everest Mountain Without Mercy by Broughton Coburn in return for an honest review The book was reissued by National Geographic in August 2015.Initially, in my ignorance at not understanding the background to the book, I wasn t sure I d enjoy a book that proclaims it is based on a film, but from the stunning cover photograph to the last word, I was gripped by this sumptuous retelling of the ill fated 1996 expedition.What I found so fascinating is the depth of information given in such a readable and accessible style There are historical references that bring the story of Everest alive as well as scientific, meteorologic and geographical details that ensure the reader has a brilliant understanding of what is faced by those tackling Everest s treacherous slopes.However, the most engaging aspects for me are the personal and human stories that underly the text The descriptions of Seaborn Beck Weathers injuries from frostbite, for example, made me wonder just how much the human body can endure It is particularly poignant that he feels what he was searching for in tackling Everest, home, health, family and friends he already had without appreciating it fully There is real tragedy beneath the pages of Everest Mountain Without Mercy.If not a single word of text were read, this book is fantastic for the glorious photography alone, but it is again the human element that rivals the beauty of the images of Everest, fabulous as they are, and that holds the most interest for me The stumps of Andy Henderson s frostbitten fingers for instance and the intimacy of emotion etched on the face of Jamling as they set out on May 22nd will stay with me for a very long time.If you re a lover of history and geography, this is the book for you If you love travel then Everest Mountain Without Mercy by Broughton Coburn will delight you, but most of all, if you long to understand what makes us human and humane and drives us to do what we do, then I cannot recommend it highly enough.

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    As expected

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    It was not different enough from the original which we already owned.