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The first full length biography of George Ingle Finch maverick Australian mountaineer, scientist, concert pianist and father of actor Peter Finch George Ingle Finch, mountaineer, soldier, scientist, rebellious spirit, boy from the bush, was in his day one of the most famous men in the world Inhe stood at the highest point on Everest, a feat not bettered foryears He invented the predecessor to the puffer jacket and pioneered the use of oxygen in climbing A World War I hero whose skills also helped save London from burning to the ground during the Blitz of World War II, he was a renowned scientist who was personally chosen by Nehru, the first Indian prime minister, to help lead his nation into the modern world With a private life torn by war and misguided by social norms, a reputation as an outsider among the British alpine climbing establishment, and some rough and ready colonial habits, Finch was a brilliantly colourful character so why has he vanished from the pages of history In this first full length biography, Robert Wainwright surveys the man who is now best known as the father of Academy Award winning actor Peter Finch but who was so much

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  1. M. Hillmann M. Hillmann says:

    Mountaineering books are sometimes one dimensional and formulaic This one is not Almost a social history, the book describes Finch s clash with the mountaineering establishment, his impressive career as a research scientist as well as an unacknowledged pioneer of mountaineering technology and equipment.Pre first World War, George Finch was upsetting the gentlemen of the Alpine Club and the Royal Geographic Society He climbed at a high standard unguided in the Alps More prejudicially he was regarded as having no breeding, he was a rebellious colonial from the bush of New South Wales, educated on the continent rather than at Oxford of Cambridge, and he not only repudiated the role of gentlemen climber but was critical of those who embraced it as a birthright.George Finch s education at Zurich s leading technical university led him to a career as a research scientist with BASF in their industrial ammonia laboratories at the forefront of catalyst development and then in 1913 to Imperial college in London.After the Great War, Finch was grudgingly accepted as the leading mountaineer, with Mallory, of his generation for the 1922 Everest expedition He was an avid advocate of the benefits of oxygen and was instrumental in developing its practical use on big mountains This caused enormous dissent among the expedition with even Mallory, the other non gentleman, being dismissive Finch further undermined the non technical approach required of gentlemen by designing and using down filled high altitude clothing to replace the Norfolk tweed jackets Ridiculed by Hinks and the Alpine Club establishment, the clothing proved its worth on Everest.Mallory s first attempt in May 1922 reached 26,000 ft without oxygen Finch, with Geoffrey Bruce, a non climber, reached 27,320 ft in worse weather and climbing at three times the speed with oxygen Point proved.But that was not sufficient The preliminary list of climbers produced by Charles Bruce for the 1924 expedition, was Somervell, Mallory, Norton, Finch I am sorry but it is for those scientific requirements and Geoffrey Bruce There is a need for two first class snow men Finch is one, Norton is the other However, mysteriously, subsequently Finch was removed from the team Was it because Mallory refused to join if Finch were a member Finch never made it again to Everest But he did go on to an impressive academic career at Imperial College and among other things in 1933 made a significant industrial breakthrough in his research into the Bielby layer which led to stainless steel and the use of lighter alloys in aircraft which will withstand the destructive action of rain and atmosphere.This book is not a classic but is an engrossing read that throws a different perspective on climbing history and provides a rounded picture of Finch s personal, professional and climbing life.

  2. Mrs B Fleming-Smith Mrs B Fleming-Smith says:

    I loved this book on George Finch He was a remarkable inventor of equipment that would help mountaineers conquer Everyday Despite being shunned by the Alpine Club of Great Britain, after the failed attempt on Everest in 1922, Finch continued perfecting the oxygen tank for those climbers attempting a second ascent.He set up the Scientific Institute in India, was on the Board of judges for the Nobel prize for Science and excelled in many other scientific feats.I was left near to tears at the end of this book, by dint of his humility and fairness to his fellow man, without holding a grudge against those who ostracised him The last laugh on those people came when Finch became Chairman of the Alpine Club of Great Britain.

  3. Finglefinch Finglefinch says:

    Enjoyed very much, very well researched George Inglefinch s ex wife Betty my husbands grandmother took a lot of secrets to her grave regarding her two male children s paternity Are they Campbell s or Inglefinch that we will never know

  4. aged walker aged walker says:

    compelling biography of an unfairly underrated person mountaineer was only one aspect of the remarkable man

  5. Trevor Green Trevor Green says:

    A must for anyone interested in early attempts on Everest.If only the rest of the team had listened to him

  6. Bill Benham Bill Benham says:

    I found this book quite unputdownable George Finch was a great man who deserves to be much better known.I will be recommending it to all my friends.

  7. lipsiupolis.de Customer lipsiupolis.de Customer says:

    Wainwright is obviously not a climber and at best this is a competent account of a fascinating character.

  8. Den Den says:

    Smashing historical read

  9. Vanessa Vanessa says:

    Who knew about this guy I m embarrassed to say I didn t Another great Australian who was before his time but nevertheless achieved much I can t say he was the greatest in his personal life but what he achieved in his professional life is something to be proud of This book goes into great detail of not only his professional life but his personal life and all his struggles with the mountaineering establishment He was a great mountaineer, scientist and someone Australia should be proud of A really great book and very interesting read Definately recommend even to readers who are not into mountaineering.

  10. Glenn Ronan Glenn Ronan says:

    I score 4 because Maverick Mountaineer is an absorbing and revealing book about a boy from Australia who became a lead climber in an early attempt on Everest, and an influential scientist The story is a surprise in that we have known too little of the life of George Finch how he could have been the first to climb Everest three decades before Hillary and Tenzing, and how his knowledge and inclusion would likely have avoided tragedy, but for discrimination and flawed decision making in the British alpine club of the 1920s.

  11. Richard Richard says:

    Very detailed account of early attempts to climb Mt Everest, with description of attitudes to the use of oxygen at high altitudes, and rather chaotic planning and management.Strongly recommended to people interested A great read.

  12. Stephen Lewis Stephen Lewis says:

    Great read Really insightful read about the life of a fascinating character Enjoyed it greatly

  13. MAGDA//78 MAGDA//78 says:

    pour ce qu il est un livre

  14. Don Winant Don Winant says:

    Professor Gorge Ingle Finch, PhD, was a brilliant man, superb high altitude mountaineer, however, he was an Aussie, hence, not accepted within the inner circle of British Mountaineering because he was from the Land Down Under Here are a few of Dr Finch s publications as a physical chemist Finch GI The Electrical Ignition of Explosive An sthetic Mixtures Section of An sthetics Proc R Soc Med 1935 Jun 28 8 1130 3.Finch GI British scientific instruments in Paris Nature 1951 Jun 9 167 4258 935.

  15. Shirley Shirley says:

    This is a marvellous book George Finch was a mountaineer, scientist and war hero, and Robert Wainwright covers all aspects of his life, keeping you interested to the last page His achievements, inventions and discoveries, not to mention his awards, were seemingly endless I cannot believe I had never heard of the man before A must read