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At , feet, K might be almostfeet shorter than Everest, but it s a far harder climb It will kill you on the way up and the way down Mick Conefrey guides us through the early story of the legendary mountain and the extraordinary attempts that led up to its first ascent inthese are tales of riveting drama and unimaginable tragedy Starting with the ill fated attempts of the drug addicted occultist Aleister Crowley and the wealthy Italian Duke of Abruzzi, the book then focusses on the three dramatic expeditions of ,andThe thread joining them together is the American Charlie Houston a brilliant but tortured expedition leader who dreamed of being the first man to make it all the way to the top Based on exclusive interviews with surviving team members and their families and access to diaries and letters that have been archived around the world, this is a narrative that evokes the true atmosphere of the Savage Mountain and explores the complicated legacy of the first ascent Wrought with tension and populated by tragic heroes and eccentric dreamers, Ghosts of K is a masterpiece of mountaineering literature

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  1. The Wolf The Wolf says:

    Mick Conefrey s account of the history of successive attempts to climb the second tallestmountain in the World is an absorbing read From the earliest by Aleister The Great Beast Crowley and Oscar Eckenstein in 1902 to its eventual conquest by Achille Compagnoniand Lino Laccedelli my mother went to school with him in 1954, the multiple stories ofbravery, foolhardiness, tragedy and the eventual summiting is never less than thrilling.It is particularly interesting to see a detailed account of the bitter dispute which arosebetween Compagnoni Lacedelli and Walter Bonatti and Amir Medhi following their successfulbid an acrimonious saga which simmered and seethed for several decades afterwards This is a book which brings alive the experiences of men who put their lives at risk to attainthat rarest of experiences to be the first to stand atop the Earth s most dangerous mountain.Gripping stuff

  2. ray armstrong ray armstrong says:

    This book has the arguments, the fallouts, the whole picture and gets behind the mind set.Highly recommend

  3. Capt. Capt. says:

    Good read, fascinating historical account of the first attempts at K2.

  4. Customer Customer says:

    Excellent book

  5. superbuyer superbuyer says:

    A gripping read all the way

  6. polly polly says:

    Worth reading

  7. Debra Godfrey Debra Godfrey says:

    Delivered on time and was accurately detailed.

  8. Readalot Readalot says:

    it s ok if I could watch it Unfortunately it s only for American machines As are all the others so beware.