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You re about to discover crucial information about free running Millions of people have taken interest in free running, and it is a growing sport It can be overwhelming if you are looking into getting involved with it because of all the random information out there You also need to understand the risks and benefits of getting involved in the sport, because many people start without even considering many of the important factors This book goes into the origin of free running and parkour and the philosophy of the sport as well as the risks and future of the sport By investing in this book, you can get a grasp of all you need to know about this amazing sport Here s a preview of what you ll learn The history of free running The philosophy of free running parkour The risks of the sport Other critical information I m not sure why the author bothered to put this on There is a little history about Parkour, and I didn t bother to check whether it was accurate.There is nothing it this book that will help you do parkour, or teach you about parkour If you are going to a cocktail party and want to chat about parkour for 90 seconds, maybe this book will help you prepare Be warned, you won t be prepared to talk for 2 whole minutes without exposing yourself as an uneducated fake Your opinions on parkour are vacuous and uninformed they will say, before throwing a cocktail in your face and storming off to talk to the cuter person over there Unless you are cuter, in which case it doesn t matter what you do or don t know about parkour. A great book to read if you re just starting out with free running or if you want information about the subject There s also a guide to some of the basic moves involved which is really helpful I would definitely recommend it. I am always interested in learning about fitness and health I mostly stick to hiking myself, but I ve wondered for a long time what Parkour and Free Running were all about You see a lot of young punks that are into it, and for a crusty old broad like me that can be a bit of a turn off, lol This book helped me understand the history of the sport, and to actually see it as a sport Free Running has a lot to offer as a method of fitness, and when you separate the culture of it from the actual exercise it really looks like a lot of fun The book was well written and does exactly what it promises in the title If you are curious about Free Running and Parkour, pick this up and get started. This book was pretty good but to short he needs to make a longer one this book should be free I parkour to but this book did not help much by I become interested in free running and parkour and after having read some books on the topic I have to say that this book is the best resource for me or anyone who wants to get into this growing sport This handbook provides very good explanations for the art and gives clear instruction to follow easily Well recommend. Sends you to some good places, not very informative other than history though I would say a scam, a poor book which teaches very little, don t buy it