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Forminutes this summer, the British public stopped what they were doing, switched on their radios and their TVs, refreshed their Twitter feeds, and followed Bradley Wiggins attempt to break one of sport s most gruelling records The Hour The premise is simple enough how far can you cycle in one hour But it is thought to be one of the toughest events an athlete can endure, both physically and psychologically Eddy Merckx, cycling s ber champ, called it the hardest thing he ever did Wiggins, like many before him, discovered the unique pain of pushing yourself as hard as you can forminutes In this revealing book, Bradley Wiggins takes you behind the scenes of his record attempt From planning to preparation to training to execution, Bradley shares his thoughts on his sacrifices, his heroes, and the people who have supported him along the way as well as what s to come as he heads towards the twilight of his stellar career My Hour is a fitting celebration of one of Britain s best loved sportsmen in his finest hour

11 thoughts on “Bradley Wiggins: My Hour (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Bradley Wiggins, Tom Watt, Random House AudioBooks: Audible Audiobooks

  1. AJ AJ says:

    Really enjoyed this book Have followed Brad s career over recent years and have come to admire and like his way of approaching cycling I like to hear what he has to say about his work and experiences on the road and the track.

  2. entrecielos.co Customer entrecielos.co Customer says:

    It is a great piece, especially for Sir Bradleys fans But even for regular cycling fans, you get a whole picture of hour record, its history , and Brads history with regard to it All in a great package The book is really great with many large format photos, whole typeface and design is as if made by the designer of team Wiggo jersey It is a nice book that will be returned to in the future.

  3. CHitch CHitch says:

    Non starter

  4. william simpson william simpson says:

    Very good coverage of Bradley Wiggins Hour record photographs are good, as too are Bradley,s comments History of the hour record was the reason i purchased the book, and this work does the job admirablyGlad i purchased and can recommend

  5. Roseonaslope Roseonaslope says:

    Very sensitively written book.

  6. sssssssssssssss sssssssssssssss says:

    my man is obsessed with 2 wheels and this made him very happy not read it all myself though dipping in it is full of detail regarding every single revolution on the way around the hour .

  7. CRB CRB says:

    What a great book about Sir BW and the hard work and history required to secure the hour record.

  8. Rhys Gruffydd Rhys Gruffydd says:

    Fascinating insight into hour record prep and why it s such an important achievement Made my commute fly by the past 2 days

  9. Cliente entrecielos.co Cliente entrecielos.co says:

    Interessante libro da tavolo sul ciclismo consigliato Delivery puntuale e senza problemi L ho comprato come regalo di Natale ed stato graditissimo.

  10. Daniel J. Connelly Daniel J. Connelly says:

    This book has some really great stuff about how to focus on a long hour long effort Imagine how it will feel to be half way done Also I liked the insight into some of the decisions that were made, such as racing at sea level and going on with the effort despite unusually high air pressure on the record day However, there s a few things which hold it back from a higher rating One is the length it s quite short, and I feel could be said The other is I feel Bradley s reputation has been a bit tarnished with the TUE scandal, and it brings into question how forthcoming he is in his writing The compromise of trust is probably worth a star But it s still a recommended book if you have interest in the topic.

  11. HKWrighty HKWrighty says:

    Fairly informative with a few insights Would be better without the odd sly aside to fellow competitors though.