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This book was much better than I expected As a snowmobile action sports fan, I was already familiar with the Moore brothers, watched the crash live during X Games, and knew the outcome This book fills in the rest of the details It s moving, well written and had me reaching for the Kleenex by the end A great story of drive, passion, struggle, and perseverance. Catching the Sky is an excellent look at what it takes to push yourself in extreme sports and the family bond of two Texas boys just doing what they love For the Moore brothers it takes a lot of dedication, pain, willpower, and most importantly family support to pursue their dreams I must confess, I was late for work today trying to read just a couple pages which turned into a whole chapter This book is hard to put down I received it yesterday and I am already 3 4 of the way through it A must read A transcendent story about risk and the pursuit of happiness, family, and the bond between brothers Dust and prairie were abundant on the Texas Panhandle, the land that gave birth to generations of Moores But instead of working the land or the cattle that fed upon it, the Moore brothers, Colton and Caleb, heeded another call Their dreams, paired with hard work and family sacrifice, eventually became reality The Moore brothers, with their boundary exploding athleticism, innovation, and appetite for risk, became stars on the burgeoning freestyle ATV and snowmobile circuits If it had wheels, they could flip it often higher and better than anyone else leading a band of pioneers intent on breaking new ground and in a new sport before multitudes of fans at the X Games and beyond In this vivid narrative, Colten Moore offers a profound and deeply moving perspective on his life and that of his brother Catching the Sky is a clear eyed look at extreme sports, what drives people to take wild chances, and how one man, Colten, couldn t stop even after the worst possible outcome His story reminds us that we can dream and sometimes achieve the impossible, that we can follow our own path, that we can lose something, lose everything, only to find it again often in the most unlikely place Loved the book It has taken me several years to finally read it because my nephew Darrin is part of this book about the Moore boys I won t ever forget that day in June when he died it will always forever be burned into my memories I will always remember the kindness that Caleb, Colton and their family showed us that day in Krum Texas when I drove my Sister from Missouri to Pick up Darrins belongings Catching the Sky is truly what those boys strived for Rest In Peace Darrin and Caleb. OMGwhat an amazing true story of a family that overcame so many obstacles but let nothing stand in their way and you must read this..I am from Colorado and I heard of this but reading about the struggle and then finding the balance that this family found is inspiring to say the least. It is an extremely rare story that can mix heart stopping action with tear inducing tenderness, but Colten Moore Catching the Sky This book will grab you from the onset and not let go The story of the Moore brothers, told through Colten s eyes, is a true American 21st century epic This book provides a sometimes exhilarating, sometimes painful, but always engrossing perspective of boys turning to men and dealing with unfathomable heights and mind numbing tragedy I have never watched a competitive snowmobile event and I may never do so, other than watching Colten , but this book has changed my perspective on the sport, extreme sports and those who compete Thank you to Mr Moore for telling your story Thank you to Mr O Brien for making his voice unforgettable Read this book I love this book I could not put it down until I had read it through I was humbled by the way their personal lives were there for the reader to understand how this family went through some very tough times to assure these boys had every chance to perfect the amazing talent they both had Everyone who reads this book will be touched when Caleb lost his life during X games 2013 doing what he loved most, reaching to catch the sky Younger brother,Colten continues living the daring extreme sport that he and Caleb loved, and doing it 31style Colten knows Caleb is riding with him each time he climbs on the extreme machines that takes him where few dare to go May God go with you, Colten. I think this is the only book I have ever picked up and read from cover to cover I may have been biased since I know the Moore family, but to me it was a interesting piece of work As I flipped through the pages, emotions ran high, from laughter to tears as I recall some of the scenes from memory as well Colten Moore..outstanding young man Better than expected, full of detail, and history of the sport of snowmobiling and an amazing brotherhood I remember hearing the news three years ago that one of the two snowmobile flipping Moore brothers from Texas had sustained life threatening injuries in the ESPN Winter X Games My Facebook feed was filled with prayforCaleb and 31style hashtags throughout that weekend as Caleb Moore fought for his life after being speared in the chest by his snowmobile when a freestyle trick went tragically wrong.Horrifically, the young athlete did not win his battle in the hospital and passed away within a couple days from the injuries he sustained After praying for comfort for his parents, his friends, his fans, and the other athletes in extreme sports, I focused on praying for his little brother Colten Even though I m not an avid follower of extreme athletes, the Moore story had made it to my radar and it was my understanding that the two brothers had an inseparable bond Catching the Sky by Colten Moore is a fantastic story about family, the sacrifices that parents make for their kids, the silly things kids do when they re young, the pioneering spirit of people in general, and dealing with the inevitable hole that is left in one s life when they lose a close friend of family member.Colten s description of he and his brother Caleb doing tricks on trampolines and jumping off the roof of the house took me right back to my childhood memories My friends and I would shoot arrows into the air and see how close we could get them to land next to us or jump off a 20 deck with a bed sheet to see if it would act as a parachute on the way down It was fun reliving some of those memories as the book brought me back there instantly.The book also takes the reader through a very interesting history of how the ESPN X Games came into being from the actual players the history of Polaris snowmobiles and an inside look at how the sponsorships of these extreme athletes work by the likes of Rockstar Energy Drinks and others As someone that doesn t follow this industry, I found it very informative and entertaining to learn about.Perhaps most enjoyable was the window into the Moore family The dad that sacrificed everything to get his sons the equipment and tools they needed to hone their craft Shoot, they built a 30K foam pit in their back yard The mom that loves her sons so much that she was always worried about them And the beautiful bond between Caleb and Colten Caleb went out of his way to help put Colten in the spotlight and he took care of his little brother And Colten looked up to him Seeing that relationship play out throughout the book really gives the reader perhaps the tiniest glimpse into the pain that Colten must have experienced and I m sure still does experience when he lost his older brother.I can already tell that Catching the Sky will leave a lasting impression on me As I watch my five young kids grow up, I m going to watch a bit closely for those signs that they are loving one another and taking care of each other I m going to support their dreams no matter how wild they may seem And I m going to hug them a little tighter and a little often because we never know how much time we have on this Earth with our loved ones.I highly recommend purchasing Catching the Sky It s not about extreme sports it s about so much.