[ download ] Motorcycle Kick-Starts: Getting Started, Stories, Tips, and How-Tos (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Walter F. Kern, Kim Holmes, Walter F. Kern: Audible AudiobooksAuthor Walter F. Kern – Carcier.co

This book gives a condensed view of motorcycling for new and returning riders It s designed to wet your appetite for while sticking to basic motorcycle information without overpowering you with details The book is based on articles Walter F Kern published on the Motorcycle Views website The book starts out telling you what motorcycles are and showing you how you might learn to become an active, safe rider Thenshort motorcycle stories, written by actual motorcyclists, are presented These stories allow you to observe some unusual things that happen to people who ride motorcycles Between stories, some practical advice about motorcycles is given in the form ofmotorcycle how tos andmotorcycle tips that you will need to know to become a proficient rider