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Ooh, ah, Ray Parlour Nicknamed the Romford Pele for his solid but unglamorous image, Ray Parlour is one of the most well loved Arsenal players of the last few decades A loyal club servant for overyears , he is revered among the Arsenal faithful for his down to earth Essex charm, his mischievous sense of humour and his hardworking performances on the pitch Often in the shadows of his flashier teammates, he didn t have the flair of a Pires or an Henry, but he worked tirelessly to become an integral part of many of George Graham s and Arsene Wenger s greatest sides, including the Invincibles ofIn this wonderfully funny and candid autobiography, full of side splitting stories, Parlour looks back fondly on his life and career From the all day drinking sessions and banter of the Tony Adams years to the antics he got up to with his cultured continental teammates, teaching Thierry Henry cockney rhyming slang and Dennis Bergkamp how to play golf, this is a portrait of a man who was as loved as much for his personality as for his often underrated talent From his days as a schoolboy working on market stalls to playing alongside the world s finest players in the Champions League, it is also the rags to riches story of a career that spanned enormous change in British football, the likes of which may not be seen again

14 thoughts on “The Romford Pelé: It's Only Ray Parlour's Autobiography (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Ray Parlour, Paul Thornley, Random House Audiobooks: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Tech Sway Tech Sway says:

    I purchased this book for my Dad who is a life long Arsenal fan and I knew he d love this book for Fathers day.and I was right He took it on holiday with him and spent every moment of downtime reading this book I actually caught him reading it in the back garden this past Sunday and when I asked he if was enjoying it he turned to face me and said with a big smile I remember reading some of these stories in the paper when it was happening, but to read it from the players perspective is nothing like reading about it in the paper He finished reading the book today so now its my turn to read it and I m really looking forward to it.

  2. Grover Netzer Grover Netzer says:

    I was looking forward to reading this book My hope was that it would give some insights into the great Arsenal team of the early 2000s, and have a few good stories of drunken escapades and high jinks In the end, my overall feeling was of disappointment There is no doubt that Ray Parlour is an Essex geezer through and through, and was one of the old school of footballers who liked a drink However despite several stories that were new to me, I was left unsatisfied Many of the stories finished quite abruptly and I wondered where the punchline was No real revelations about Arsene Wenger, but confirmation that he is a very tolerant man and a bit of figure of fun for Ray and some of his team mates Of course I realise that the writing was supposed to reflect Ray s speech and thoughts as much as possible but I expected better of a book ghost written by Amy Lawrence Her occasional punditry on Radio 5 Live, and her articles in the Guardian have been intelligent and thoughtful Maybe in this case, the two opposites did not create a good product.

  3. Richie Richie says:

    Great account by Ray Parlour in this cracking read.Lots of stories that had me laughing openly on many occasions.He gives a really detailed account of the players and managers he s worked with at Arsenal during a period of transition for the club and it was hugely enjoyable to learn about the dressing room characters that shaped his career.Very well written in a style that allows you to consume it effortlessly.RP comes across as a humble guy who is grateful for the opportunities football has afforded him He s very open about the wage structures, the influx of foreign players and their integration, the culture and mentality of the teams and the changing face of professional football.The book dips in and out of his private life where appropriate but it s largely about the football and in particular and this will come as no surprise Arsenal football club.And for the record, I am NOT an Arsenal supporter.Just a really enjoyable read that flows well and will give you than a few chuckles.

  4. Mr. R. J. Sims Mr. R. J. Sims says:

    A Great book from Ray, who s very down to earth It only seems like yesterday that I saw him getting stuck in at Ray Kennedy s benefit Match all those years ago He worked Hard, maybe had he cut down slightly on the beers he could have been even better, but then again he wouldn t have been it s only Ray parlour that we knew.

  5. Holness19 Holness19 says:

    Very honest and entertaining read from a legend of the club Good for non gunners too and just gives a great view in to the time and what it took to be s successful footballer

  6. F. Blake F. Blake says:

    I read this after Paul Merson s book so maybe I was comparing I did enjoy The Romford Pele but I preferred How not to be a Professional Footballer I did however, love Ray s stories and tales though What a magic time for Arsenal The Invincibles

  7. Jack Ramsay Jack Ramsay says:

    Particularly liked Ray s association with Arsene Wegner As Asene has been at Arsenal for so long, and doesn t have the personaility of a Fergie, he hasn t received the credit he deserves Nice to see a top player bringing this out.

  8. shaiakh shaiakh says:

    It s Ray Parlour so you can expect many funny stories being told You don t need to be an Arsenal fan to enjoy his story Would recommend if you have some spare time.

  9. Hotelsaremylife Hotelsaremylife says:

    Wonderfull career.Good wholesome book.Strictly football.No,gossipNo,player scandals.Very good read.Some great training detail.Should have been greedy with Admire able character.

  10. Kartik Bharadwaj Kartik Bharadwaj says:

    An interesting read Ray gives us an insight into the pre Wenger era and also details the transformation the team made to become one of the most successful sides of the league.

  11. Gooner Gooner says:

    Ein leicht und kurzweilig zu lesendes Buch eines gro artigen Fu ballers und Typen, der sich selbst nie zu wichtig nimmt F r echte Gooners ein Muss.

  12. Tempus Fugit Tempus Fugit says:

    A funny and sometimes hysterical look back at a fine career Thanks for the memories Ray

  13. MRG4 MRG4 says:

    A fun read for all fans of EPL Fortunately he was able to conquer the drink.

  14. Adam Seoudy Adam Seoudy says:

    It s only ray parlourwhat needs to be said