Aussie Grit: My Formula One Journey (Audio Download): Mark Webber, Nicholas Osmond, Pan Macmillan Publishers Ltd.: Audible Audiobooks –

I had followed Mark Webber s career pretty much since F3000 I was very interested to read this book as part of the monthly deals and it did not disappoint It is a very open and honest account of his career I was particularly interested to read about his Red Bull years and the relationship with Sebastian Vettel It is only Webber s view but is very interesting I have read several F1 autobiographies and this is amongst the best. I am on a bit of an Autobiography fest at the moment, Just read Damon Hill s and Jenson Button s, and now Mark Webber s, Webber s is very insightful, very honest, went in to a lot detail than i was expecting on the battles he had within the team with Seb and Marko, along with of course how he got to F1, a very interesting and recommended read Massive thumbs up from me I can remember watching Mark when he raced in Formula Ford and Formula 3, and, while not a huge fan of his, I decided to buy his book It is a good read and just reaffirmed my belief of how political and very, very boring formula 1 has become Like Mark I much preferred the days when drivers could, and did, speak their minds, before everything became boringly politically correct I would recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of motor racing, even though real motor racing is dead. As a fan of F1 I always thought that Mark Webber had a raw deal at Red Bull with Seb, this makes very interesting reading Pleased I wasn t wrong in my feelings towards Sebastian This is a really well written book, he was a good driver and still is, miss him in the pits and on track The book was a Mother s Day gift and was greatly appreciated, hope he doesn t give up racing altogether A really good read for any race car fan Reading this book brought back so many names of drivers, teams and manufacturers who have since disappeared from the F1 scene A great insight into the highs and lows of the sport and mind games played between team mates A good read from a straight talking Aussie. This is a really great, honest account of a racing career I really enjoyed every page of a story of a man who just wanted to race on even terms at the highest level.If you really want to hear the story of Multi 21, hear it here. Mark Webber was at the centre of one of the most captivating chapters in the history of Formula One In , while racing for Red Bull, he and his teammate, Sebastian Vettel, went head to head for the world championship There could be only one winner Since retiring from Formula One, Mark has concentrated on endurance racing, including the legendary Le Manshour race He hit the front pages of newspapers around the world in Decemberwhen he slammed into the barricades in the final round of the FIA World Endurance Championship in South America and was lucky to escape with his life But the controversy of his relationship on and off the track with Vettel, who went on to win multiple world titles, has never been far beneath the surface Here, for the first time, Webber tells the inside story of one of Formula One s most intriguing battles it is a story that goes to the heart of why the sport is loved by millions of fans around the world In his trademark straight talking, no nonsense style, Mark reveals his amazing life on and off the Formula One racetrack, from his first taste of karting to his F debut in , from scoring Minardi s first points in three years at the Australian Grand Prix through to his first win with Red Bull at theGerman Grand Prix and the year he should have been crowned world champion Mark Webber s journey to the top of Formula One was every bit as determined and committed as his racing Aussie Grit is his searingly honest story Includes a foreword by Formula One legend Sir Jackie Stewart This book is a must for Mark Webber fans but also for anyone interested in formula one as it gives a great insight into the F1 world There is plenty of detail from Mark about his early days on his quest to become a F1 driver and the struggles and challenges on the way It is great to hear his side of the story on what went on while he was at Red Bull including multi 21 and not bad for a number 2 driver. Without knowing he was an Aussie you would know he was an Aussie simply because of the way he talks I ll get my negative thoughts out of the way first he repeats himself a lot and you are left feeling that he has very mixed feelings about Vettel In some paragraphs he refers to him as Seb, Sebastian, and Vettel depending on which sentence you read, and after criticising him in one sentence he then goes on to praise him in the next sentence It s quite annoying and detracts from the rest of the book which is quite excellent.Great insight into growing up in the middle of nowhere in Oz and wanting to become a Formula 1 driver Great descriptions of driving and crashing racing cars, where you can almost feel you re in the car with him Some great details about what people we think we know are really like, from Michael Schumacher, to Frank WIlliams and Patrick Head, to Bernie Ecclestone, and some especially funny stuff about Flavio Briatore It seems that Helmut Marko and Christian Horner really are the sort of people that they are rumoured to be, namely a vindictive man and a hopless people pleaser Very interesting to read things which explain what happened at certain races, where you found yourself asking Why did he say do that Finally, it s a great love story, especially if you are a dog lover All in all a must read. I had not read any books on F1 previously even though I consider myself a fairly reasonable F1 fan who likes to read autobiographies and memoirs I was also not a Mark Webber fan until I read the book but it was interesting and intriguing to read about the man, his life and what goes in F1.Webber is a typical Australian bloke play hard and play fair His journey is incredible and it is refreshing to see how he has credited the men and the woman in his life his wife for his success His rivalry with Seb at Red Bull is a fascinating insight.I would strongly recommend this book to anybody who seeks to know the inner workings and politics that goes on in F1 It is a no holds barred and a honest account.