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For professional cyclists, going faster and winning are, of course, closely related Yet surprisingly, for many, a desire to go faster is much important than a desire to win Someone who wants to go faster will work at the details and take small steps rather than focusing on winning Winning just happens when you do everything right it s the doing everything right that s hard And that s what fascinates and obsesses Michael Hutchinson With his usual deadpan delivery and an awareness that it s all mildly preposterous, Hutchinson looks at the things that make you faster training, nutrition, the right psychology and explains how they work and how what we know about them changes all the time He looks at the things that make you slower and why they do so and how attempts to avoid them can result in serious athletes gradually painting themselves into the most peculiar lifestyle corners Faster is a book about why cyclists do what they do about what the riders, their coaches, and the boffins get up to behind the scenes and about why the whole idea of going faster is such an appealing, universal instinct for all of us Highly recommended to anyone that is curious about how pro and track cycling has got faster and faster From aerodynamics to training methods and nutrition, this book looks at most of it Pretty funny too. I would recommend this to anyone even vaguely interested in cycling Whilst some of the technical details might be interesting to the competitive rider, the narrative and humour is always made entertaining and interesting Hutchinson is not only a brilliant wit but an accomplished and experienced athlete and this he uses to the best effect in this book Buy it Some really good and funny anecdotes in this book, but someone who does write very nicely and was a superb cyclist in his own right And some really useful information for those wanting to go faster on a cycle However, I did find the second half of the book not as entertaining as the first, so it falls away from a five star for me Definitely worth reading, but would I read it again Not sure. five stars need i say , a really interesting read even if you dont agree with everything that Michael Hutchinson puts forward A lot of it is insightful and interesting even if at times it relies in anecdotal comment rather than in depth information and easy read if only getting faster on a bike was as easy We should count ourselves lucky a thoughtful athletes with exceptional physiology but lacking enough not to be caught by pro salaries but can use this frustration and his intelligent wit to write about it.I loved The Hour, and this is a slightly mature less directly funny but consistent book along the same lines Dr Hutch can look back at the path his life has taken and seeks to answer why he did not break into the pro ranksIt should be remembered that this is not an above average wannabe he is revered in the cycling world as an exceptional athletes who has won many titles This book describes and discusses the obsession with numbers, possibly irrational beliefs and with science that propels people to or towards the top of a sport. If you are seeking to understand the whole marginal gains thing, if you want to know how obsessive you need to be to rise to the top, if you want to get insight into the attention to detail of the world s best racing cyclists, this book will be a good read.It covers a lot of ground but appropriately only in the areas it says it will I would have liked on the dedication and determination required how these champions push themselves in training to the point of complete exhaustion There was a little on this how champions like training but it s an area that fascinates me and I d love to read about it.What was absolutely engrossing reading was the quotes and comments from the people the author interviewed Sir Chris Hoy etc.Overall, very interesting and delivers what it promises I enjoyed The Hour by Michael and as i have always wondered why some riders can just ride fast so i thought i would give it a go Its well written and is not over technical or scientific which i prefer and has certainly made me review my coaching advice It also answers the questions that we all have when reviewing the results board after an event Having been caught in time trials by Michael a few times over the years and also by many top riders over the years i realized long ago that i was not equipped to be able to ride at 49 pace and now i know why.Its a lottery and you either have it or you dont have it but good training and diet coupled with determination will take you a long way but if you don t possess all the ace cards you are not going to win any Olympic gold medals Thanks Michael for a very interesting read and mi now reading it again.