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The true inspiration was that Olympic gold won by Chris Boardman in Barcelona I was so in awe of Chris Boardman Sir Bradley Wiggins You may know him as the much loved copresenter of ITV s Tour de France coverage or enjoyed his BBC Olympic coverage, but beyond the easy charm Chris Boardman is one of our greatest, most inspiring cyclists In , when the bible of the sport, Cycling Weekly, ran a poll to decide the greatest British cyclist, his was the name that topped the list It was Boardman s lone achievements in the s and s Olympic track gold, the world hour record, repeatedly claiming the yellow jersey in the Tour de France that lit the spark for modern British cycling His endeavours both on and off the bike have made him the founding father of current golden generation without him there would simply be no Hoy, Wiggins or Cavendish It is a story full of intrigue from Olympic success, the famous duels with Graeme Obree, the insanity of the Tour de France Chris became a legend for his combination of physical ability and technical preparation, and he almost single handedly took British cycling from wool shirts and cloth caps into the era of marginal gains Indeed, after his career on the bike ended, a new chapter began as the backroom genius behind GB cycling As head of the R D team known as The Secret Squirrel Club, he has been responsible for the technical innovations that made the difference inBoardman Bikes is the best selling premium bike range in the country, as used by the Brownlee brothers for their Olympic triathlon success

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  1. PEDRootes PEDRootes says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.It is a simple and honest account of his career and of the inter twining with his personal life You can see Mr Boardman growing up as the chapters roll by as he accepts he did not always get it right,or see things correctly,in the past I liked his recollections of his views on the people he met and how he adjusted some of them as he progressed his career He credits Gary Imlach for his help on editing the book and it is definitely well written and presented without losing the essence of Boardman speak which is consistent throughout.

  2. Juice Free Juice Free says:

    A good book, well written and easy to read As expected Chris gives an insight into the highs and lows of his career but additionally a view into the early days of marginal gains and possibly the first real attempt to move bike training forwards A must read for fans of British cycling but also for those interested in how the sport has been pushed forward.

  3. JMarks (England). JMarks (England). says:

    I admire and respect Chris Boardman enormously and his book and his writing is everything and so much than I was worried that it wouldn t be Having read most of the autobiographies written by professional cyclists and regarding and respecting the public persona of Chris so highly, I really wanted to like, enjoy and learn from his book I can t recommend it highly enough It is well crafted, well written, highly informative and insightful, frank, brutally and honestly introspective for a self confessed very private man It is also interesting, funny and self deprecating, amusing and inspiring.Chris Boardman s observations of all those events and people around him and the window he opens on the collective impact and achievement of so many meticulously researched and hard crafted and hard fought for marginal gains, makes this book one that I enjoyed reading every single page of A really good book, a phenomenally accomplished cycling professional and a truly good man.

  4. Kije Kije says:

    It just about holds your attention He doesn t go deep on all subjects and occasionally you are left asking questions concerning the era during which he was in the pro peleton He avoids any real controversial issues, although you get tbe feeling he must have been exposed to what was going on, though not involved Reading between the lines you get the feeling it was a very bumpy road but typical of his calm exterior the book seems to smooth out the really rough stuff Just enough interest in it to finish it.

  5. James Hudson Soulsby James Hudson Soulsby says:

    An excellent account of a life spent in cycling Honest forthright with no hint feeling sorry for himself, Boardman s book is intelligently written, giving insights into the pleasures and pain of life at the top of professional sport.

  6. Keith Foskett Keith Foskett says:

    I remember Boardman s career when I was growing up, although my lack of understanding regarding cycle racing meant I didn t really appreciate it Reading now about that day in the Tour de France when he blew away the oppostion in that time trail, and all his other achievements, it all makes sense.There s sections in the middle late part of the book where his career takes an office managerial turn which I found tiresome but on the whole, a great book about a legenadary cyclist.

  7. Alastair Simmons Alastair Simmons says:

    An extremely honest and eminently readable autobiography I ve always admired and respected Boardman but really warmed to him as I read of his Triumphs and Turbulence Written with honesty and humour, and not least a healthy dose of self deprecation The fact I recently purchased a Boardman Carbon Road Bike only enhanced the reading experience.

  8. Mike Mike says:

    I had the pleasure of being around the NW cycling scene in the 80s and 90s and watching Chris growing up and into an amazing cyclist I am incredibly impressed by his journey to Olympic champion, world champion and tour stage winner But most of all, it s his recent persona as successful businessman and Cycling advocate that impress me most all of this is covered in this wonderful book Recommended.

  9. Paul Paul says:

    Great read and insight into a sporting legend