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2015 2016 will be the period when the underdog managed to upset the establishment applecart in so many ways, and none enthusiastic than Leicester City Football Club.Rob Tanner, a local sporting journalist, acts as a fly on the wall as he charts the quite unbelievable, but seemingly inexorable, rise of an unfashionable football team from relegation candidates to Premier League Champions in the space of just a year Like the victorious team itself, the author successfully conveys the sense of I can t believe this is actually happening on my watch.Leicester relied substantially on cast off players from other teams, and hence spent very little money compared to some of the bigger clubs Depending on your method of calculation, the cost of the entire team amounted to less than the transfer value of a single player at Manchester City or Arsenal.Narrowly avoiding relegation at the end of the 2014 15 season thanks to the previous manager s groundwork, they then hired Claudio Ranieri, a manager who was himself a bit of a cast off Success in the 2015 16 season was deemed so unlikely that at least two bookmakers offered odds of 5000 1 available as late as October 2015 against Leicester ending up as champions, whilst everybody thought they were most likely to be relegated.The rest, as they say, is history, and Tanner is to be congratulated on having written a superb story If you want to understand how hunger can drive people to play beyond their ability, read this book. Love the book Completely caputres the rollercoaster and feelings of the season Helped me to re live the season again Very well written with articles from throughout the season interspersed with the story of the season Some great pictures also included which capures the emotion of the season Cracking read, thoroughly research, the definitive guide to our incredible season An excellent review of a history making season in the Premier League and a great achievement by the club considered by just about everybody to be the least likely to become Champions An easily readable book The author, Rob Tanner, obviously knows Leicester City inside out I enjoyed it immensely. My partner enjoyed reading this book good purchase To be honest, this could have been written by a child with spelling issues for all I cared as City winning the title was good enough It wasn t and Rob gives a great account of the months rolling by Buy one and pretend you never supported Arsenal or Chelsea the season before last. Great story relating every game just as I remember it The tension come the last 6 games was very well portrayed Really enjoyed the read In Augustbookmakers priced Leicester at to win the Premier League the same odds as Elvis being found alive OnMay , Leicester won, to ecstatic celebrations in the city and around the world Leicester Mercury s chief football writer, Rob Tanner, relives the great escape ofto the curtain closer at Stamford Bridge Tanner s audiobook tells the inside story of Leicester City s triumph and the players who under Claudio Ranieri s inspired leadership became the most unlikely champions in football history The sporting story of the decade All of us neutrals have become Leicester City FC supporters after their stupendous achievement last season We look forward to their success in the Champions League this season Bob Tanner has done a great job taking us step by step in this incredible journey. Come per The immortals un altro mododivertente almeno per me per migliorarel inglese questa volta ascoltandoSperando di migliorarlo per davvero.