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Christian Theology An Introduction is a work of prodigious learning and notable clarity Alister McGrath here combines a mastery of the history of doctrine with his gift of communication to produce the finest university textbook available in this field Professor Gabriel Fackre, Andover Newton Theological School, USAThere is much to admire in Dr McGrath s skill as a pedagogue The range of issues he deals with is marvellously broad, and he says a great many things which are important, beautiful, true and worth knowing Church TimesMcGrath has surpassed even himself in his latest work, Christian Theology An IntroductionHis assumption that the reader has little theological expertise and reads only English, makes the book extremely valuable to beginners in theologyBeginners in theology will want this book, I do not say on their shelf, but rather, in their hands and yet advanced theologians will not regret digesting the material presented as wellHis purpose is not to pre scribe but to de scribe Christian Theology Trinity JournalThis is a wonderfully clear presentation of major questions on each of the topics discussed The author is a skilful teacher who knows how to explain what is at issue in the different debates and disagreements without overwhelming the reader with unnecessary detail ACT Digest Introduction is perhaps too modest a word for a book which gives a basic introduction to almost every aspect of the history and theology of Christianity It is clearly written, fairly argued, and very reasonably priced McGrath has set a standard that will not be broken for a very long time TheologyThis is an admirable textbook which will soon grace many shelves Expository TimesThis book is an extraordinary achievement, a tour de force by McGrath which will establish his reputation as one of Britain s most important theologians It will also introduce thousands of students to theology as a disciplineThis book provides a long awaited introduction to every aspect of Christian theology Drawing on ten years experience of teaching Christian theology worldwide, Dr McGrath provides the most user friendly textbook on the subject currently available Every section of the book has been classroom tested in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, and Australia The book contains three major sections Landmarks, a full exposition of the historical development of Christian theology from the patristic period to the present day This provides full accounts of key movements, debates, and writers of importance to classic and contemporary theology, including material relating to postmodernism, postliberalism, and evangelicalism Sources and Methods, a detailed account of issues such as the nature of theological language, the nature of theological sources such as Scripture, reason, tradition, and experience , and the manner in which they have been used throughout Christian history Christian Theology, a detailed analysis of the main themes of Christian theology Although the discussion is fully up to date, full weight is given to the debates of the patristic, medieval, and Reformation periods