Read ePUB Fearless: The Amazing Underdog Story of Leicester City, the Greatest Miracle in Sports History (Audio Download): Jonathan Northcroft, Nathan Turner, Headline: Audible Audiobooks By Jonathan Northcroft –

King Power Stadium, countdown to kick off Out on the pitch, a lone brass player sounds the haunting Post Horn Gallop , foryears the home players entrance tune Spines tingle Air is gulped into opposition lungs Game time, time to begin the chase Burning fox eyes peer down from between the decks of one of the stands On the stadium s outside wall, a royal blue LCD display says Fearless Welcome to Leicester City They were always a club with a difference, but in they created a story that in modern football stands unique Who could believe it From relegation certainties to champions of England It was when, on behalf of every small club, dreams were hunted at the King Power, a season where the impossible became merely quarry As ,shots when the campaign started, Leicester s transformation has been remarkable This is the most incredible cast of written offs, grafters, misfits and journeymen coming together in a special time and place to simultaneously have the season of their lives Fearless will document Leicester s hunt of their impossible dream It will tell the greatest football tale of the Premier League era in loving detail, with the inside track Now that Leicester has gone all the way and won the title, it s the best story in world sports for years Champions of the Premier League The side who d been adrift at the bottommonths previously, who s started the season as relegation favourites, whose manager was favourite to be the first one sacked once the campaign got underway A League One side only seven seasons previously A squad of , and m men Leicester Ridiculous Miraculous Fearless

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  1. geoffrey norman geoffrey norman says:

    One of those rare books that when I finally closed the book I wished I could start again and read it for the first time.At the end of the 2015 6 football season a substantial number of books were published relating to the extraordinary triumph of this east midlands club in winning the Premiership Mr Northcroft s book was issued much later and I have no hesitation in recommending this book to all those who like me, wish to re live that glorious season when the title did not follow its usual route to London or Manchester.The games themselves are , in the main, described only briefly.There are portraits of the leading players of whom I found Riyad Mahrez to be the most interesting You will also find brief biographies of Ranieri and oher staff members.As noted in other reviews the book is superbly written with both humour and sensitivity.I eagerly await Mr.Northcroft s next book which, hopefully will also deal with one of the less fashionable clubs.One, and only one, moan No index

  2. Liam Liam says:

    One of the finest books on Leicester City I have ever read.This extremely well researched brilliantly written book brought the memories goosebumps of Leicester City s 2015 16 fearless season flooding back.All the highs and very few lows of that record breaking season are here to relive, not only Leicester City fans but for all football fans dreaming of beating the big boys at their own game.Five Star Fearless

  3. Bhav Bhav says:

    Great book confirming that Leicester City are the greatest team in the world D

  4. Ms Ms says:

    Great book gift for other half

  5. Bayou Gator Bayou Gator says:

    Superb, so much better than 5000 1 and all the other books on the LCFC miracle season.

  6. Customer Customer says:

    The best book I ve read about Leicester s miracle Well researched, interviews with key individuals and written with real feeling for what happened A whole City came together in an inspirational sporting story.

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  8. Jamie W Jamie W says:

    As a neutral football fan this story of a team who was turned into champions by Ranieri who s tactical knowledge managed to work with Leicester and had made the impossible to possible with the board s backing.

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    Mein Sohn brauchte ein Buch f r die Schule,das auf Englisch geschrieben ist.

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    Fast delivery , exactly what I wanted

  11. HernReader HernReader says:

    I found the writing choppy in general and disjointed in places There are some good anecdotes and views in to how the team held together through the season It is a decent enough look back at a miraculous season.

  12. Chang Hwan Yi Chang Hwan Yi says:

    Great summary of a great season