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Want energy Getting Up will help you generate extra energy to accomplish in less time, reduce stress, and balance your career and lifestyle This book is about getting up the energy to be ready, willing, and able to live the successful life you want Like the thousands who have taken Greg Conderacci s energy seminars, you ll learn why Managing your energy, not your time, is the way to go Getting energy isn t about what you drinkit s about what you think Driving a stake through the hearts of the vampires sucking your life away might help Supercharging your energy is easier and fun than you think In Getting UP , Greg brings you the same skills he teaches at a top graduate schools and Fortunecompanies Lots of people promise better performance Greg proves it Using his energy techniques, inhe rode a bicycle across America in justdays averagingmiles a day What could you do with that kind of energy

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  1. C. Dubrovich C. Dubrovich says:

    I finished reading this book in one sitting which is unheard of for me and I know that I will go back to it again and again and recommend it to anyone experiencing a career cross roads It made me laugh It made me cry It made me ponder, re examine, identify, and realize that the journey of finding oneself is never over but ever changing and challenging I am still trying to discover my mission, even at 61 years old, but this book s insights and stories have me examining my own story As a high school teacher, I became the mother some kids never had, or needed at the most vulnerable times in their lives I nurtured and fought for them at times when their own voices were silenced As I read Getting Up I immediately thought of my mascot being a mother bear, nurturing and simultaneously ready to defend her cubs Oddly enough, one of my former students, with whom I still have a close relationship, has called me Mama Bear since I taught her You made a believer out of me

  2. Cricket Cooper Cricket Cooper says:

    I read many books on focus and motivation, but Getting UP is in a class of its own.Greg s stories of life or death situations are riveting and I feel I can no longer use my own excuses for NOT getting up, after reading about people who found themselves left for dead on Everest and yet who Got Up and saved their lives As one who has always been fascinated by stories of Antarctic exploration, the examples from these journeys resonated with me on a deep level How can my small challenges slow me down in the face of the depth of untapped strength we all carry within Fast paced, encouraging at every turn, and to the point, this book reaches out a hand to get you Up and KEEP you there.I found myself cheering for the author and for others as they flipped one situation after another in order to conquer them.Best of all, in this post Harry Potter world, is that I had often wondered about a personal Patronus, some sort of powerful image that could stand by me in troublesome places The section on Spiritual Energy and a Personal Mascot taught me, an ordained priest, how to take theoretical knowledge of spiritual support and make it concrete and available to anyone Beautifully done I am so grateful for this work.

  3. William Pawluk, MD - author "Power Tools for Health" William Pawluk, MD - author "Power Tools for Health" says:

    A better title for this book might be manage energy, not time You can t manage time we all have the same amount of it even if you re in a coma What you can manage is how you use your daily allotment of time, i.e the amount of energy you have to put into it That means keeping your energy level up This is a fun, yet practical book to read and learn from Greg s humor is energizing I love his quotes Getting energy isn t about what you drink It s about what you think , driving a stake through the hearts of the vampires sucking your life away might help , Life is hard It is harder if you re stupid John Wayne , and Life is like a 10 speed bicycle Most of us have gears we never use Charles M Schulz I especially liked Greg s supercharger model P.I.E.S Even from the 1st chapter, once you start reading it, you won t want to put it down It s a keeper WARNING this book is not for everyone If you don t want to change your life, give it to someone who does.

  4. kcoxford kcoxford says:

    This is an inspirational AND practical guide to making choices, planning for good, and overcoming obstacles with informed confidence in yourself and your capacity Mr Conderacci brings together the advanced thinking of many experts and weaves a story that is accessible and real I have already shared his gems with friends and colleagues This is a winner

  5. Steven Summer Steven Summer says:

    Great book and exceptionally well written Stock full of useful lessons applicable to both personal life and business situations Easy to read and organized in a way that makes it simple to follow A good book for seasoned executives as well as newbies.I particularly like the fact that the author uses real life experiences as metaphors for learning lessons.

  6. B Goodwin B Goodwin says:

    This book was well worth the read Greg s Seven Secrets of Supercharging are powerful, intuitive, and fun to implement There s no doubt that we all need energy in our lives Greg provides compelling examples of how to live a purpose driven, energized life in today s hectic, fast paced society.

  7. mhit222 mhit222 says:

    If you like to read the rambling memoirs of amateur cyclists, specifically those that also include some home grown, un scientifically backed energy advice, this book is for you.

  8. Eric Gundlach Eric Gundlach says:

    An enjoyable read with useful tips for increasing energy The personal experiences Greg shares bring his observations and suggestions to life.

  9. earl earl says:

    Interesting concept presented in a readable and entertaining fashion.I found his race experiences to be quite interesting and made for enjoyable reading.

  10. Robert Tarola Robert Tarola says:

    What an enjoyable and insightful book Learn how to manage your life by managing your energy.

  11. Pamela C. Devine Pamela C. Devine says:

    Want energy, reduce stress and restore balance in your life This is definitely the book for you A fun fast read

  12. shay shay says:

    Very inspiring