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People often say, I feel like I ve been run over by a truck Katie actually was On a sunny morning bike ride in Brooklyn,year old Katie McKenna was forever changed when she was run over by anwheeler Being crushed under a massive semi wasn t something Katie should have survived Afterhours of emergency surgery, she woke to find herself in a body and a life that would never be the same In this brutally honest and surprisingly funny memoir, Katie recalls the pivotal event and the long, confusing road to recovery that followed Between the unprepared nudity in front of her parents postsurgery, hospital happy hours, and the persistent fear that she would never walk again, Katie details the struggles she s faced navigating her new reality This inspiring memoir follows Katie s remarkable journey to let go of her old life and fall in love with her new one

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  1. C. Osborne C. Osborne says:

    Purchased as present, my Mum loved it and its now being passed around friends Difficult story told extremely well.

  2. Maya Maya says:

    When it feels like life has betrayed you, here s a story of hope, resilience, gratitude and love I highly recommend reading this moving, laugh out loud memoir written by a brilliant young woman forced into bravery.

  3. Dennis Fried Dennis Fried says:

    I have the utmost empathy for any author today, especially the vast majority who are not famous I m one myself Good writing is hard and time consuming, and the rewards both monetary and emotional are almost always meager So I am reluctant to offer any negative comments about the work of these authors But, honesty wins out Ms Mckenna writes well, and her sense of irony is keen There are some laugh out loud passages in this book However, the book is way too long for the content and should have been edited down significantly Ms Mckenna was immobile for months, able to do little than sleep and ruminate on her accident and her situation This had to have been terribly tedious and boring for her, but there is no need to drag the reader into that space as well Also, the author is overly fond of the Fxxx word That word should be used like a spice in cooking But overuse defeats the purpose and detracts from the whole.

  4. S. Webb S. Webb says:

    Mandatory reading, especially for medical folks Amazing tale of courage and faith, even for this old surgeon s bonesWritten by a patient, and not a doctor, this work ranks along side Gentle Vengeance and The House of God as a gritty and simultaneously humorous tour de force of medical writing My rarely humble opinion

  5. TallMama TallMama says:

    My experiences were so similar to the author s that felt as if I were in a time warp Months in the hospital one like a prison and the other designed for healing, wasting away to mere bones, learning to stand and gain independence, all so similar The author s style kept me from crying as I reexperienced everything Well worth reading Should be required reading for every person working in th medicine and rehab today Bravo

  6. Laura Gutkowski Laura Gutkowski says:

    A fabulous inspiring book The author shares her survival with humor, with grit, with courage A must read for anyone who has made it through trauma, knows anyone who has suffered thru a very difficult illness, or anyone who has compassion and knows the fragility and joy of life

  7. Jean V. Dubois Jean V. Dubois says:

    The trope of saintly survivor is a familiar one A young person inured or ill before her time is left desperately fighting for her life but through tremendous courage, indomitable spirit, and the assistance of charismatic and wonderfully skilled doctors she staggers back from the brink to serve as an Example For Us All To this Katie McKenna would, I suspect, say horse hockey or some other dismissive phrase After being catastrophically injured when she was no spoiler run over by a truck on the streets of New York, Katie was terrified, in paid beyond useful description, and suffering from very domitable spirit Her medical care, while initially life saving and state of the art disinigrated into uncaring, dismissive, and cruel when she came out of the ICU.The Katie is not a paper hero and not really a hero at all She was an athletic, enthusiastic, outgoing young woman with an apartment, a job, a boyfriend, friends, family and an exciting future stretching before her until she she was not and Katie 1.0 as she occasionally called herself, was replaced by a broken husk of a woman unable to perform the slightest act of self care, her dignity stripped away as caregivers had to perform acts of personal invasion that she had never even known existed.So how did she survive In this spellbinding memoir she gives us insight into the wreckage of her life and dreams, her despair for the future, and the challenges posed by being helpless and in constant electric waves of pain pain ameliorated but not hidden by the drugs But this memoir is also a paean to her family the mother and father and sister and brother who set their lives essentially aside to hold her, comfort her, fiercely advocate for her and care for her as she took each painful, halting step away from the brink and back to independence and healing The friends who pushed aside the awkwardness at seeing the very different and changed Katie and were there for her to talk to her as if she were a woman in full and not just a crippled and hurting remnant Friends who paid for a mariachi band to come to the hospital to serenade her and bring her the first genuine moment of joy since the accident.Katie does give us insight into the various decision points when she could have spiraled downward into hopelessness, but when she chose instead to take risks, to accept challenges, to not let pain and restrictions limit her There was the occasional doctor or nurse who were truly compassionate and devoted to her recovery but throughout the book the strength offered by her family and her unlimited love for them is the constant theme the theme that results in her recovering her mobility and her dignity.I gave this five stars for the enormously human connection and insight it offers but it seemed to me that the book wrapped up too quickly as if Katie got tired of thinking about it finally I didn t know nearly as much about Katie 2.0 as I would have liked She says she no longer can run but she can power walk I would have been interested to know how full a recovery she made and what affects remain other than the physical scars.In all, a wonderful book that makes the reader an observer to an epic fight.

  8. Lou Lou says:

    This book is a great read The story is one of unbelievable courage in the face of a truly horrific tragedy I was astounded by the way humor and intense family bonds could overcome pain and despair We may all at times feel like life runs us over, but here the figurative and literal actually combine to create a story that will lift your spirits.No pity here If you want to be inspired by a compelling story that despite the awful events you will find yourself laughing and crying from page to page Highly recommend.