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This is the first of three books by Martin Parnell The others are Running To The Edge and The Secret Marathon.Despite having these since they were first published I had, until recently, only dipped into them but decided I would sit down and read them all.What a joy Each tells of a different period that covers, in essence, the last eight or so years.The challenges Martin has experienced both in his private life and during his various endeavours to raise money for charity are amazing His resolve was certainly tested on many occasions.In these books, one will read of the frustrations and celebrations and experience a wealth of emotions I found myself smiling and sighing, feeling joy and sadness Anyone who likes reading biographies of ordinary people doing extraordinary things will enjoy these books.Likewise anyone who is thinking of doing a Marathon, organising a charity event, trying to break a Guinness World Record There is so much here Martin mentions that his mother in law referred to him as The Brit With Grit as, although he is considered Canadian, he was born in England It s an apt title.This first book tells a little of Martin s history and how he got into running when he was in his late 40s and took to it such that he completed 250 marathon in a year. Martin Parnell is a superhero I m sure his mild mannered, evey day alter ego would refute this he d play it down, defer to his amateur status and point to others achievements He d maintain that he s just an ordinary man who one day decided to try and push himself, to see what he was capable of, and raise some money for the kids along the way.The journey he took and results he achieved 250 marathons in one year, at the age of 55, raising 300k for Right To Play are nothing short of superhuman His dedication, focus, and strength of character shine through in this book, but without any sense of arrogance or showboating Which I m sure many would forgive him for.Its compelling, engaging, insightful, informative, heartfelt, and honest A true testament to what anyone can achieve if they can find that one thing that inspires them to figuratively and literally put one foot in front of the other and just keep running. In , during a four month cycling trip through Africa, Martin Parnell was struck by the power of sport and its ability to bring people together and to bring about change Five years later, theyear old mining engineer, husband, father and grandfather dedicated a year of his life to runmarathons with the aim of raising , for the charity Right to Play, an international humanitarian organization that reaches out to disadvantaged children around the world In the end, Martin s Marathon Questraised , for the charity, and he personally visitedschools, inspiring thousands of children to get active in order to help the less fortunate at home and abroad Along with information on technique, gear, nutrition and the challenges facing new and seasoned athletes as they prepare for either regular or ultra marathons, Martin gives honest and often humorous insight into why an ordinary person would attempt to do something extraordinary, pushing themselves to the limit, both mentally and physically, in pursuit of their goal to make the world a better place Marathon Quest is an inspiring and engaging listen for anyone interested in running, travel or philanthropy