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Guardiola has no balls He drove me like a FiatI m a Ferrari , Zlatan Ibrahimovic professional football s most mercurial player, Swedish national hero, tabloid fixture, fashion icon, modern day philosopher and black belt in Taekwondo Born to a Muslim father from Bosnia, and a Catholic mother from Croatia, Zlatan recounts his extraordinary life story, from his poverty stricken upbringing as an immigrant in Malm , Sweden, to becoming one of the world s most sought after and expensive players, gracing Europe s finest clubs, from Ajax to Juventus, Internazionale to Barcelona, Milan to Paris Saint Germain, and now Manchester United I Am Zlatan reveals a rare and ferocious intelligence, willpower and God given talent most recently exhibited when Zlatan scored all four goals for Sweden in a victory against England His fourth goal, ayard overhead kick with his back to goal is widely regarded as one of the greatest goals of all time The BBC described it as a goal that combined unfathomable imagination and expert technique

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  1. Nav B Nav B says:

    Genuinely one of the greatest autobiographies you ll ever read It is about 330 pages and I finished it in 4 sittings, I was that captivated by his story It reads very easily and has a British style language, using words like blimey and bloody.For those who think he is this big ego, you soon become to see that it s just a persona Zlatan developed, that he is indeed a nice guy that just has a fighting, free spirit.What you take away from this story is you may have had a childhood lacking in physical items foods, nice clothes, etc but a determination to find and follow your joys can lead to great things Zlatan led his life his way, he was always true to himself, even in situations when most would have yielded and skulked out of the door with their head down and shoulders hunched He went against the status quo because he had a belief in his own abilities.That in itself is the overriding theme I took from this book As he says Listen Don t Listen Believe in yourself.

  2. Alistair Alistair says:

    The man certainly has an ego which you either love or hate Whichever way you swing on that debate, there can be no denying that this a thoroughly entertaining book and far from the norm of these bland footballers bio s Usually I do not touch current players books as they are void of anything interesting or controversy but this packs it all Was very interesting to get an insight into his time spent at Barcelona and the fallout with Pep A brilliant, fun read that any football fan will surely enjoy.

  3. Mr S Ward Mr S Ward says:

    Written in a style that any Zlatan fan will appreciate Gives a unique insight into why the man behaves the way he is and highlights his side of many of those infamous stories.Easy to read, brilliantly written and fun for any Zlat fan.

  4. Mick Mick says:

    I d give this five stars for inspiration It s worth reading for Zlatan s wonderful story It loses two stars for what sounded like a translation into a voice that didn t belong to the player at all Honestly, the use of bloody hell and geezer was far too much, and it instantly took me out of the the story at times.

  5. Hippolyta Hippolyta says:

    This was bought as a birthday present for my son He s not usually an avid reader, but loves Zlatan and he s told me a few times that he absolutely loves this book I ve not yet read it myself but judging by his reaction, it s certainly one of the best presents I ve bought him in recent years.

  6. romeo2u2001 romeo2u2001 says:

    Zlatan the man with the giant ego but maybe with every right to be The book is an easy read and you cannot stop yourself chuckling along with his arrogant and playful way he portrays I feel that before I bought this book I already liked Zlatan but his somewhat no nonsense approach has further endeared me to him.I feel that sometimes he does over act the tough guy routine and the book it self flows seamlessly but seems to lack significant depth in exploring Zlatan s deeper qualities or weaknesses.However I feel this book should appeal to a wider audience, not just the football fan Zlatan is a winner because of his efforts and desire.

  7. Tony C Tony C says:

    Absolute muck, boring, repetitive narcissistic garbage which is poorly translated and written Book is totally unstructured and just seems like various ramblings All round very unlikeable player and person Got two thirds of the way through and promised myself if I had to read one time about how much of a hard man himself and his mates were this very poor vanity project would be binned, and that s where it is and belongs Total muck.

  8. Justin O'Connell Justin O'Connell says:

    Excellent value Ibrahimovic deserves a lot of credit for his brutal honesty Criticising Pep Guardiola makes him seem like the guy who shot Bambi, but Zlatan explains his alienation in Barcelona by The Philosopher both in the opening chapter and again later in the book He also explains how his upbringing in a rougher neighbourhood of Malmo inspired his against the odds winner s mentality My only criticism is that the translation from Swedish to English could probably be better, and in particular some of the football terminology seems incorrect A fascinating insight into a footballer who has won the league in Holland, Italy, Spain and France Unlike any British or English player.