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I read the original when I was about 10 I was recently telling my wife about it so decided to buy another copy and re read I m glad I did I read it from a whole different view point this time Still enjoyed it but with the wisdom of age and not the blindness of youth Well worth a read. I have reread this book after a gap of 40 years or so So it was from two different perspective s, first as a young man avidly reading anything climbing related The hard years being my favourite and keen to fellow in the footsteps of people like Gwen.This time I enjoyed looking back with her on similar experiences on the Cuillin and North Wales Both great reads This is a review from my mum, who loves this book and the author I bought it as a gift for Christmas She loves stories of people s achievements, preferably outdoors She says the book is fascinating and very well written In fact she likes it so much she has been reading it extra slowly so that she can prolong the time she has reading it I am not a mountain climber, a beach walker, but I do like to read books of achievement and the great outdoors.Gwen Moffat is an exceptional woman, ahead of her time and an inspiration to both sexes, and this is a must read book.I didn t understand all the technicalities of climbing, so what This is a wonderful life in a book and lived to the fullso read it In , Gwen Moffat deserted from her post as dispatch rider in the Army and went to live rough in Wales and Cornwall, climbing and living on practically nothing She hitch hiked her way around, travelling from Skye to Chamonix and many places in between, with all her possessions on her back When the money ran out, she worked as a forester, went winkle picking on the Isle of Skye and did a stint as an artist s model And always there were the mountains, drawing her away from a proper job Throughout this unique story, there are acutely observed accounts of mountaineering exploits as Moffat tackles the toughest climbs and goes on to become the first woman to qualify as a mountain guide Compelling book which is fast paced and holds the interest throughout The fascinating early life of an unconventional woman A must read, especially for those interested in outdoor pursuits. This book was recommended to me and I am really enjoying it It is very easy reading For those nostalgic about the Uk s rural past and very interesting descriptions of early youth hostels Also interesting to read the writer s view if the world. Gwen Moffat is an amazingly intrepid adventurer, very down to earth but ahead of her time and open to a different way of living She comes across very genuine, very much her own person and very funny I enjoyed her humour a lot. Decent story great book, arrived on time