books Bike Shorts: Your Complete Guide to Indoor Cycling (Audio Download): Marisa Michael, Gail Hedrick, Marisa Michael: Audible Audiobooks –

Perfect for any cyclist from novice to expert, including cycle instructors This book covers nutrition, hydration, bike fit, form, gear, etiquette, stretches, and It even has sample drills, sample class formats, and guides for heart rate training and calculating sweat rate This book has all the information you need to meet your fitness goals through indoor cycling This is a brilliant short guide to everything you need to know about spinning If you ve ever been confused about what rpm to ride at and at what resistance, this book clarifies it Useful tips on everything from heart rate training, spinning terminology right down to what to wear and what to eat and drink before, during and after I wish I d discovered this book before I started spinning, but I have now and give it the Excellent This book is helpful for both indoor cyclists and instructors.Written in a perspective that expands our insight into aspects of indoor cycling that we may take for granted. Helpful if you are new to riding a spin bike Would be better if there were some pictures or illustrations to illustrate points.