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Inspiring story of person like you and me perseverance told with very funny, dorky, sometimes immature guy humor sprinkled with informative running tips and entertaining illustrations I thoroughly enjoyed it, even though I m a girl and generally not impressed with silliness I laughed almost non stop while reading it and actually read several super funny parts out loud to anyone in the house that would listen This really annoyed my daughter bonus Joel Please write books about running And, um, some of us wish we could run 10 minute miles for any than five miles that is really not that slow So, Joel, you re kind of liar. As someone training for my first marathon, this book was hugely entertaining I could relate to Joel s training experience in so many ways If you ve been running for a while you already know most of the terms Joel uses, but his humor is laugh out loud funny I needed some humor to integrate into my grueling training schedule I like that he included his training plan his favorite books on running in the appendix as well. In How to Lose a Marathon, Joel Cohen takes listeners on a step by step journey from being a couch potato to being a couch potato who can finish a marathon Through a hilarious combination of running tips and narrative, Cohen breaks down the misery that is forcing yourself to run From chafing to the best times to run, explaining the phenomenon known as the Oprah Line , and exposing the torture that is a premarathon expo, Cohen acts as your satirical guide to every aspect of the runner s experience Offering both real advice and genuine commiseration with runners of all skill levels, How to Lose a Marathon lets you know that even if you believe that the runner s high is a complete myth, you can still survive allmiles of a marathon A writer for the Simpsons meets the New York City marathon.As a non athlete, Joel Cohen decided to run and went from barely running a mile to completing the NYC marathon in approximately 26,000th place His goal in writing this book was to write the book that he wished existed as he was training a training guide for non elites Luckily the explosion of self publishing and the internet have ended that problem but this was still a great read.I really enjoyed his humorous take on the training process, it was new light on fairly standard information I also appreciated his honesty sometimes decisions such as choosing which charity to run for depending on the fundraising commitment are just that There doesn t need to be any sugar coating to it.Also appreciated his process of choosing a pace as he learned his abilities and discarded various as being too fast or too slow Figuring out pace really is one of the hardest things I disagreed with him on shirts though, love my race shirts.I swear I m the only running reader who didn t care for either Born to Run by Christopher McDougall or Murakami s What I Think About I think I like my running reads on the lighter side. I ordered this book because I saw it featured on the Runners World social media I am a huge lifelong fan of the Simpsons and their type of humor so even though I have run marathons before, this was a must buy I thoroughly enjoyed his take on the running experience So whether you are a newbie marathon runner or a seasoned one, if you want to a good by the pool read that gives a good laugh, this is for you I started running about a year ago and have just completed my first half marathon I am interested in participating in the New York Marathon at the end of next year if I can get a lottery slot to participate I am sure I will finish several thousand places and than an hour back from the winners but I will love it just the same This book nicely encompasses what it means to run but never expect to win and is written by one of the Simpsons writers I love his take on why people run and it is not to win races I have recommended this book to several of my friends. Cohen writes about training for and finishing his first marathon with wit and self depricating humor Underneath it all is a true appreciation for running and those who dare to run especially those who have never run before The title of my review is a nod to Cohen s humor but also to the sense of pure joy spoiler alert he experiences upon finishing the NYC marathon Runners and non runners alike will enjoy this entertaining read and be inspired. This was the most entertaining book I have read in a long time I LOL d so much through the entire book right from the first page There is great advice along with Joel s cynical humor and the illustrations I really appreciate reading something from someone like me No experience with running, and still willing to give it a shot Thanks for the pointers and all the laughs Seriously fun book J ai ador facile lire, ludique et tellement dr le et vrai je recommande fortement m me si vous n tes pas super l aise de lire en anglais. Training for my first half Found the book to be the right balance of fun and informative Great for a new runner.