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I m a MTB beginner wanted to learn how to such as wheelie bunny hop In description, it was saying step by step Guess what It doesn t even explain how to do it All it says was What is wheelie, bunny hop Other sections are same way You will learn nothing from this book I already have Mastering Mountain Bike Skills 2nd Edition which is great That book is expense than this book, but that book give you 100 times informations If this book is 99 cents, it s ok, but 9.99 i want money back Oh, one thing, this book is way too short You can finish reading it in 10 minutes most. This is a very poorly written and edited book I tried to review a sample chapter but all I got was the table of contents I bought the book anyway my BIG mistake This book is so poorly written and edited it is laughable DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK How could allow this book to be sold on its web site I ve purchased two other books from that were fine one was actually great and the other I consider good I m into mountain biking and trying to learn all I can Believe me when I say that a six grader could do a better job writing than what you will find in this book A total waste of money If you want to learn the basics about mountain biking by an everyday expert, then get this step by step guide In this no fluff, short, and straight to the point and step by step guide, you will discover the tips and tricks on how to mountain bike the right way How to mountain bike the right way Mountain biking jumping secrets revealed Bunny hop mountain bike tricks Wheelie mountain biking tips How to ride the mountain bike on trails How to ride the mountain bike on rocky terrain Step by step mountain biking techniques Gear shifting tricks explained How to choose the right helmet for mountain biking How to choose the right clothing for mountain biking How to choose the right mountain bike for yourself Different type of mountain bikes explained How to stay in great shape for mountain biking How to maintain your mountain bike the easy and affordable way Get it now